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The Supernatural

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AliensThe Supernatural

Obviously, any discussion of the supernatural is hypothetical. I am not sure if everything mentioned in this essay is valid. On the other hand, I am not sure that it is invalid. Instead, this essay attempts to use the theory of mental symmetry to make suggestions about the supernatural realm and compare these suggestions with what the Bible and popular literature says. Since writing this essay, I have come to the conclusion that a spiritual realm exists that is distinct from the angelic/UFO realm.

Let us begin our analysis of the supernatural. If you ever attempt to study this topic, the first thing that you notice is that it is very strange. There is nothing normal about the subject. It is completely and totally inhuman, so inhuman that the primary response of humans to any sort of valid supernatural encounter seems to be stark terror.

Because ‘the other side’ is so unnatural, we assume that it is also irrational. However, we have already seen that it is possible to use rational logic to analyze the supposedly irrational topic of Christianity and religion, and I suggest that these same tools will permit us to understand the supernatural.

Notice that I said ‘understand’ and not ‘identify with’. The supernatural is like quantum mechanics.[A] Even though it is possible to use mathematics to tackle the subject of quantum mechanics, you never get the feeling that you really understand it. You can solve the equations, but it still doesn’t really ‘make sense’. The supernatural operates in the same way. While the theory of mental symmetry permits us to analyze the topic, it still remains something that is inhuman and unnatural. And, if aliens were to study the human realm, then I strongly suspect that they would feel the same about us.

As I mentioned before, I personally have never had an unambiguous alien encounter. At this point, I am approaching the topic from a purely theoretical perspective. The theory presented in this section is also original. Just as I have yet to encounter another satisfactory theoretical explanation of Christianity, so I have never come across an integrated analysis of the supernatural.

What I will present here is exactly that: an integrated analysis of the supernatural. I will describe it as if I have experienced it. However, what holds my explanation together is not experience but theory. As far as I can tell, it makes sense. Therefore, I will describe it as if it does make sense. Maybe it is true; maybe it is not. However, I have yet to come up with a better alternative. So, here is my hypothesis.

In addition, I will be focusing upon the interaction between aliens and humans. How aliens live does not concern us, and if we tried to figure it out, we probably would not get very far. Instead, we will continually be looking at ‘them’ from a human perspective. After all, that is the only perspective that we can take, for we are human, and they are not.

Let me state this again very clearly. The topics which we will be addressing in this section are not the sort of questions which NASA raises when attempting to travel into outer space. Instead, we will be looking at the issues which arise when people from a different race and culture come to live in town and become next-door neighbors. Questions such as: Can they be trusted? What are they doing in their back yard? What are their religious beliefs, and how do they fit in with mine? Finally, how should I respond when my son starts dating the girl next door?

One other point of a housekeeping nature. The normal practice is to include a specific reference whenever quoting some person or book. However, alien life is not a normal topic. Instead, one finds oneself wading through factual mud, trying to sort through semi-solid data. In some cases, it is better that my sources remain anonymous, in other cases, sources are deliberating attempting to stay anonymous. Plus, if I do mention specific people, then many of you will probably write me off for quoting the ‘wrong’ person. Therefore, if you want to search further, please use the Internet. The material is there, but, to use an engineering term, the signal-to-noise ratio is generally rather low. Surrounding the information is usually a lot of superfluous ‘noise’.   

That brings us to the first question, one which is often asked: “Are there aliens living among us?” The answer may be yes, but even if it is no, it still is yes. That is because there are many aspects of human life which themselves are inhuman and which appear to be similar to supernatural existence. In other words, you don’t need ‘real’ aliens to experience alien-like existence. Given the right circumstances, humans themselves are capable of acting quite ‘alien’. This means two things. First, we can’t always blame real aliens if we are being treated in an ‘alien’ way. Real aliens—if they exist—are simply extreme examples of humans who have turned ‘alien’. Second, studying the behavior of human ‘pseudo-aliens’ gives us a way of at least partially understanding real alien beings who initially seem beyond comprehension.

The key to understanding the supernatural is symmetry: Physicists tell us that symmetry plays a major role in helping us to comprehend the natural universe. We have also used symmetry extensively throughout this book.

Symmetry appears to be present in all aspects of human existence. The most obvious form is physical symmetry. The left and right sides of the human body are mirror images of one another. We all know about physical symmetry, because we see it portrayed every time we look into a mirror. Because it is so familiar, there is no need to describe it any further.

This book has introduced the concept of mental symmetry. With a human body, the ‘mirror line’ of symmetry runs down the middle of the body; the left side of the body is a mirror image of the right. The diagram of mental symmetry has been arranged so that its mirror line also runs down the middle of the diagram. Thus, Teacher is the mirror image of Mercy, while Perceiver is reflected in Server. As for Exhorter, Contributor, and Facilitator, which lie on the center line, they each have two modes of operation which are ‘mirror images’ of one another.

This mental symmetry played a major role in helping us to understand cognitive styles. The personality traits of the Perceiver and Mercy persons were fairly easy to uncover. That is because ‘me’ lives in Mercy strategy. If you understand the core of human behavior, then you have a handle on comprehending how Mercy thought operates. Similarly, Perceiver strategy is responsible for learning facts about ‘me’ and my world. Thus, it is fairly easy to extend this to learning facts about Perceiver thought itself.

Working out the characteristics of the Teacher and Server persons was far more difficult. Even though my brother is a Teacher person and his wife has the cognitive style of Server, it seemed that they were unable to step back and analyze themselves. Instead, time and again, I would see my Teacher brother behave in a certain way, describe this to him, and then we would be able to work out the precise personality trait. However, even this indirect approach was inadequate when analyzing the Server person. Whenever I asked my sister-in-law about how she would respond in a certain set of circumstance, she seemed unable to give an answer. So, we had to observe the Server person and then describe the behavior.

This is where symmetry helped. Whenever we came up with some Mercy trait, we would look for its mirror image in the Teacher. Similarly, we noticed that every Perceiver characteristic had its reflection in the Server. Starting with the Mercy and the Perceiver, we could use symmetry to come up with a list of possible Teacher and Server traits. This gave us a starting point which we could then fine-tune by observing and analyzing the Teacher and Server persons in real life.

For instance, this is how we discovered the existence of Teacher emotion. Ask the average person what emotion is, and he will describe Mercy feelings. This also was our initial concept. But, when we looked at the brain, we saw that there were two emotional processors, one in each hemisphere. The one in the right hemisphere obviously corresponds to Mercy feeling, because it is buried within the part of the mind where experiences appear to be stored. But, what does the left amygdala do, especially since the overlying brain lobe is responsible for handling speech? The only logical conclusion was that emotion came in two flavors, one associated with experiences and the other with speech.

As we continued to use symmetry as a tool to understand the mind, it gradually occurred to me that this symmetry was incomplete. The physical body is symmetrical, as is the physical brain. Cognitive styles exhibit symmetry as does the functioning of the human mind. What is not symmetrical is the interaction between the brain and the mind.

We have already described the first asymmetry, which is the imbalance between right and left hemisphere emotion. Even though the physical body is symmetrical and the human brain is symmetrical, emotions from the physical body are related primarily to the right amygdala. The Teacher feelings of the left amygdala only come into play when a person is placed in an artificial intellectual environment such as a school.

This imbalance between left and right hemisphere emotion does not appear to be well known to neurology. However, the asymmetry between Perceiver and Server thought is taught as basic neuroanatonomy: 

Server strategy is associated with the left parietal lobe and Perceiver thought with the right parietal lobe.[B] Most of us know that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa. However, this fact is only true when referring to the motor strip, the brain region at the back of the frontal lobes which actually controls the muscles. In contrast, if you examine where movement information is stored, neurology will tell you that the Server instructions for controlling both sides of the body are stored only in the left parietal region. Similarly, the right parietal area of the brain handles spatial locations and maps which involve both sides of the body. This is not symmetrical.

Let us summarize the two basic human asymmetries that we have discovered so far: First, all of the output of the physical body is controlled by the left parietal region, while all of the input is analyzed by the right parietal region. Second, the physical body naturally teaches us about Mercy pain and pleasure, but we have to discover Teacher feelings of order and disorder.

These asymmetries are personal ones, which involve the interaction between the mind of an individual and his body. But, there are also other asymmetries which apply to the world in general. Remember the saying, “Sticks and stones will hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me”? This tells us that our natural world is composed of solid Mercy matter and ephemeral Teacher words. However, that is only part of the story. The physical universe actually does possess both Mercy and Teacher stability. However, it shows up in different forms.

Mercy stability involves specifics. Physical objects maintain their shape even when they are left alone. A chair remains the same chair, for instance, if I step out of the room and return after several hours. While Mercy specifics remain fixed, Mercy generality can be altered. Making a specific chair and a specific table takes time and effort. Rearranging chairs and tables is easy. In fact, all physical effort involves taking the basic blocks of physical matter and rearranging them to form different general packages.

Teacher stability, in contrast, deals with generality. What remains fixed in the natural world is the general Teacher laws of nature. Teacher specifics, though, lack stability. When I say a word, it does not hang around. Instead, it vanishes instantly and can only be reproduced if the pattern of sound is stored using Mercy matter.

The Perceiver/Server asymmetry of the natural universe shows up in the relationship between space and time. Humans live in a three dimensional spatial universe full of Perceiver objects. We have spatial freedom of movement. But, when it comes to time, we can only travel one way through one dimension, using Server thought to produce sequences of action. Similarly, while we can use depth perception to see though space, we have no way of ‘seeing’ through time.

That leaves us with four basic related natural asymmetries. The first two involve the human body: Mercy feelings are learned naturally; Teacher emotions are acquired artificially. Server thought uses physical output to control the world; Perceiver thought uses physical input to analyze the world.

The last two asymmetries describe physical reality: The natural world combines fixed Mercy specifics with fixed Teacher generality. And, the physical universe allows us to move through Perceiver space but forces us to step linearly through Server time.

MBTI® and Humanity

I suggest that these four basic asymmetries are ultimately responsible for causing the four MBTI® splits: First there is the MBTI® division between Thinking and Feeling. What permits a person to live in Thinking and ignore Feeling? He assumes that his physical body will feed his mind with enough Mercy emotions to make up for what he is mentally suppressing. But, this assumption does not always hold. We all know how frustrating it is to work our way through a bureaucracy which has had all of the personal feelings squeezed out of it by MBTI® Thinking. It is inhuman. Therefore, if we want to preserve human emotions, and not just assume their continued existence, then we must go beyond Thinking to Thinking plus Feeling. We must integrate Perceiver and Mercy thought.

Let us look now at Feeling, the other side of the split. MBTI® Feeling is full of Mercy emotions, but it lacks Perceiver content. The assumption here is that Perceiver objects and facts will survive intense feelings without melting or dissolving. This is only true because we live in a natural universe constructed out of Mercy specifics—consisting of solid Perceiver objects. However, the history of modern entertainment shows us that Perceiver facts do not survive an atmosphere of pure MBTI® Feeling. The truth and cultural absolutes which American society used to possess have now been largely dissolved, due to the corrosive effects of the irrational Feeling of modern fun and entertainment.

The second MBTI® division is the split between Perceiving and Judging. MBTI® Perceiving says that you can always keep your options open. You never have to finalize anything; you can always move on to new experiences and situations. This is based on the assumption that you can move through Perceiver space. In physical terms, this means that space has enough dimensions for us to go around obstacles and leave behind unpleasant experiences. Think what would happen if space only had one dimension. Whenever you reached an obstacle, you would get stuck. If you wanted to move on, you would have to remove the impediment. Instead, the MBTI® Perceiving mindset thinks that it will always be able to go around and will never need to finalize anything.[C]

Judging, in contrast, wants to bring closure. It likes to look at a situation and say, “It is finished”. It enjoys the feeling of accomplishment that comes from ‘closing the book’. The assumption here is that Perceiver thought will always be a passive observer, and that bringing closure is simply a matter of looking at the facts and observing what they are. After all, we all know that no one has the power to magically change an object. Therefore, once the facts are known, then there is closure. But, what if observing a situation changed it? Then you could never come to a solid conclusion, because any attempt to determine the facts would alter them. According to quantum mechanics, this is exactly what happens when you try to observe atomic particles.  

When dealing with mental ‘space’, it is not possible to make a distinction between Perceiving and Judging. Here, the only way to ‘move on’ is by bringing closure to the existing situation. If your current environment has unfinished business, then Exhorter thought will exaggerate the uncertainty, find it exciting, and be attracted to it. If you want to get Exhorter strategy to move on, then you must work out all of the facts and experience all of the consequences. Only then will Exhorter strategy see that all of the possibilities have been exhausted, get bored, and be willing to move on. This means integrating Perceiving and Judging.

The next MBTI® division is Sensing versus iNtuition. The Sensing mindset assumes that it can change his world through action. If it observes his external environment and takes the necessary physical steps, then it knows that everything will continue to function.

But, imagine being paralyzed, or being the boss of an organization that is paralyzed. You try to carry out a Server sequence—and nothing happens. What makes a physical or organizational body function? The iNtuitive structure that lies beyond Sensing and makes Sensing possible.

The iNtuitive mindset also makes an assumption. It assumes that time is linear. The iNtuitive person knows that he can jump in his thinking from here to there without disturbing external flow. He is free to teleport in his mind, because the world will put everything back together through the linear flow of time.

One could compare the flow of time to the playing of a movie. What would happen if you cut out segments of a movie and assembled them in different order, jumping randomly from one episode to another? Would the story still make sense? No. But, that is exactly what iNtuition does. It jumps from here to there. Notice that even when a movie involves time travel, order still matters. The movie about time travel only makes sense if you view the supposedly out of sequence elements in a specific sequence. If you really travelled through time—if you actually cut and spliced the elements of the movie that have supposedly been cut and spliced, then Teacher understanding would fall apart.

The last MBTI® division is the separation between Introverted and Extraverted. What makes living in an internal world pleasurable? What makes us think that we can treat our minds as garbage dumps and fill imagination with any nonsense that we choose? The fact that our body does not insert predetermined Teacher feelings into our heads. Because Teacher emotion is an acquired taste, we think that it does not matter whether we mentally feed on filet mignon or foul manure.

On the other hand, what permits the Extraverted individual to pursue external wealth and pleasure and never worry about constructing an internal world? The universal Teacher order which governs the natural universe. Even if he understands nothing, the universe does, and it will maintain Teacher order.

Let us summarize by putting all of these points into a nice friendly chart:

MBTI® Division

Underlying Assumption


Physical body provides Mercy feelings.


External world has fixed Mercy specifics.


Physical body uses Perceiver thought to observe facts.


External world allows freedom of movement through space.


Physical body uses Server thought to control actions.


External world has a fixed flow of Server time.


Physical body provides no Teacher feelings.


External world has fixed Teacher generality.

But isn’t it obvious that all of this is true? In the natural world it is, but we are looking here at a mirror image environment in which everything is exactly the opposite. In such a universe, none of this applies. Everything is different.

A Mirror-Image Universe

But why are we looking at a mirror-image universe? Why not a slightly modified world in which only some of the assumptions are altered? For four reasons: The Teacher reason is that only a mirror-image body combined with a mirror-image world will bring complete order to the general Teacher theory of mental symmetry. If a God of universal Teacher order exists, then this is the sort of anti-universe that He would create in order to bring Himself emotional pleasure.

I should emphasize in passing that this hypothetical anti-universe is probably not made of anti-matter. According to physics, when a particle meets its corresponding anti-particle, the two vanish in a big ‘puff of smoke’, releasing a massive amount of energy. Thus, there are protons and anti-protons, electrons and anti-electrons (or positrons), and so on. Anti-matter may be the mirror image of normal matter, but it is still physical stuff. It resides within the physical universe. Supernatural existence seems to involve a symmetry which is even more bizarre and more complete—a mirror-image anti-universe.

While an anti-universe is probably more than just a collection of anti-particles, the fact that anti-particles exist makes the concept of an anti-universe far more plausible. A few pages back, I suggested that the highest form of Christian faith is the Perceiver assertion that one situation is Perceiver similar to another. Here again we are finding an example of ‘this is like that’. In other words, a mirror-image universe is not just an un-natural universe but rather a strange reordering, rearranging, and reflecting of elements which are present within natural reality.

Let us move on to the Mercy reason for suggesting the existence of a mirror universe. According to the theory of mental symmetry, a human mind could exist within a mirror-image universe. This is an extremely significant point, so I will restate it very carefully. The human mind is symmetrical. The physical universe and physical body interact with the mind in an asymmetrical way. We know that the human mind can occupy a natural body within the natural universe and remain sane. Therefore, if we took the human body and the human universe and flipped them completely, then we know that the human mind could survive there as well and remain sane.

Let me restate this using an illustration. In the classic story of Alice and the Looking Glass, Alice steps through the mirror to enter a mirror-image world. Alice does not change after passing through the mirror. Her left and right are still the same. But the world into which Alice steps is flipped. There, left is right, and right is left. Alice can survive in this flipped world because she is symmetrical. If her left and right sides were different, then she would have problems handling the world of the looking glass.

I am saying exactly the same thing, except that I am looking at the mental symmetry of Alice instead of her physical symmetry, and I am talking about a mentally reflected universe rather than a physical reflected one.

This leads me to make the following proposal: Even though ‘aliens’ live in a totally strange universe and inhabit totally strange bodies, I suggest that they have exactly the same minds as humans. Put a human mind into an alien body within an alien world and it could survive and flourish. Stating this the other way, it would be equally possible for aliens to inhabit human bodies, live in a human world, and appear normal to us. Who knows? Maybe this is already happening.

So what stops us from ‘stepping through the mirror’ like Alice? The MBTI® splits. A human mind that is governed by these divisions must live in a human container within a human universe in order to protect its sanity.

That brings us to the next conclusion: If I want to ‘live in the supernatural’, then I must mentally integrate the MBTI® divisions. This principle would also work the other way. If an ‘alien’ is to feel comfortable about living in a human universe, then it too must integrate its version of MBTI® splits.

Are these mental splits the only thing that is preventing us from ‘crossing over’? I don’t know. However, when I am fixing a broken computer, I don’t keep looking for more problems once I discover something that is wrong. Instead, I fix the problem that I know about before moving on. If the computer starts working again, great. If it doesn’t, then at least I have made some progress. Similarly, there may be other walls between here and ‘there’. However, the consensus among those who write about the supernatural is that the main barrier is a mental one. The answer is not out there. It is right here, if I can grab it.

The apostle Paul says exactly this when talking about personal salvation: “But the righteousness based on faith speaks as follows: ‘Do not say in your heart, “Who will ascend to heaven?” (that is, to bring Christ down), or “Who will descend into the abyss?” (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead).’ But what does it say? ‘The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart’—that is, the word of faith we are preaching, that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”[D]

Let me take this hypothesis further. I suggest that, mentally speaking, both humans and ‘aliens’ begin life with exactly the same raw mind. Living in the human universe causes this raw mental material to develop in one direction, while living in the ‘alien’ universe causes the same type of mind to grow in an ‘alien’ direction. Thus, part of the terror of alien encounters is the deep suspicion that underneath, we are the same: “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”[E] It is also possible to reverse this process. Put a human person into alien-like surroundings, and chances are that he will turn—at least partially—into an alien being who is no longer fully human. 

A Mirror-image Deity

Speaking of God, would mirror-image beings have the same image of God as humans? No and yes. The human image of God is based in universal Teacher understanding shining upon specific Mercy identity. A mirror-image of God would emerge as Mercy universals touched Teacher specifics. In other words, the human God would be the alien Holy Spirit, and the alien God would be the human Holy Spirit. But, if the real God is a Christian Trinity, which uses Contributor incarnation to tie together universal Teacher and universal Mercy, then the human God and the alien God would be one and the same.

Actually, the situation is a little more complicated. When the Bible talks about God the Father, it refers to one and only one God. That is because there is only one version of universal Teacher understanding. In contrast, the Bible refers to two incompatible spirits: a ‘spirit of this world’ and a Holy Spirit. According to the Bible, the ‘spirit of this world’ is based upon the ‘lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of biological life.’ In other words, it is a mental image of Mercy universality that emerges from exalting physical desires, Mercy idolatry, and natural processes. The Holy Spirit, in contrast, is a spirit of truth, which ‘the world cannot receive’.

If you look at the Bible, you find that demons are not mentioned in the Jewish Old Testament. Instead, they made their first appearance during the life of Jesus. This implies that the earthly existence of incarnation had two related effects: First, the Holy Spirit showed up. Second, aliens separated into demons and angels. If our Spirit is the alien God, then this makes sense. The emergence of two incompatible images of God would naturally separate creatures into two mutually exclusive kingdoms. Imagine if the same thing happened in the human world and you actually had the choice of operating according to either one set of natural laws or another. Would this not create two realities, separated by a huge, uncrossable gulf?[F]

But why would God do that? In order to experience divine death and resurrection. Just as personal death and resurrection is only possible because of the presence of two human emotions, so divine rebirth would only be possible with two universalities, or two universes—one Mercy based and the other rooted in Teacher thought. As one of these two universes stays fixed, the other one is being transformed, changing from old to new like the unrolling of a scroll. After all, that is what human death and rebirth is like.

But why does God have to experience rebirth? Because if birth, death, and resurrection is a universal sequence, then it applies to God—and the universe—as well.

Or, to quote a verse from the last chapter of the Bible: “Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea.”[G] Water, I have suggested, is a symbol of raw Mercy experience. Thus, the ‘sea’ is a picture of culture that is rooted in liquid Mercy experiences—closely related to ‘the spirit of this world’. The structure of the present universe is responsible for building the mental image of a natural spirit. According to this passage, both the universe and the anti-universe—both earth and heaven—will eventually be replaced with a version in which a ‘spirit of this world’ cannot exist. This explains why the ‘spirit of this world’ is also referred to as the ‘spirit of this age’. In this new multi-verse, both universe and anti-universe will become compatible, for the very next verse talks about the New Jerusalem descending from heaven to earth.  

That brings us to the third reason for proposing a mirror-image universe: Angels. A Christian Trinity God is symmetrical. A symmetrical God demands a symmetrical hyper-universe. But, where in the Bible does it talk about mirror-image aliens? Everywhere. Humans inhabit bodies that are finite objects—Mercy matter packaged into a Perceiver container. A mirror-image person would inhabit containers that are finite sentences—Teacher words packaged into a Server sentence. What is a ‘set of Teacher words packaged into a Server sentence’? A message. What is a person who lives in a message? A messenger. What is the Greek word for ‘messenger’? Angel.[H] The Bible is full of angels. They appear throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

But what does ‘believing in Jesus’ have to do with angels? Everything. Read through the gospels. Every time Jesus encounters some sort of spirit or angel, this being always recognizes him instantly. In addition, a choir of angels sang at the birth of Jesus. And, when Jesus was on trial before his death, he claimed that he could call on scores of angels to protect him. Finally, the ‘two men in white clothing’ that showed up at the tomb of Jesus and when he ascended into heaven were definitely not human.

Does this mean that Jesus is an alien from the world of UFOs? Not exactly. That is because UFOs describe alien encounters as viewed through the filter of objective science, with its implicit MBTI® biases of Sensing and Thinking. Jesus did not suffer from those delusions. He was mentally integrated. Comparing Jesus to a UFO occupant is like comparing a real person to a cartoon figure. They may look similar, but one is only a shallow two-dimensional shadow of the other.

This brings us to the fourth reason for suggesting a mirror-image universe. It seems to fit the facts. Solid information is rather hard to come by when studying this topic, but if you read widely with an open but skeptical mind, you come away with a general consensus, and that consensus appears to be consistent with the theory that is being presented here. On the one hand, ‘they’ seem to be totally alien beings who live outside of physical matter. On the other hand, they can communicate intelligently with us, and there seems to be this underlying sense that somehow we belong together.

If humans and ‘aliens’ share the same mental structure, and if our human bodies are what keeps us in the physical universe, then it makes sense that humans who leave their physical bodies would come into contact with aliens. This appears to be the case.

What do you call it when a human permanently abandons his physical body? Death. It is common for UFO accounts to talk about dead humans associating with aliens and appearing alongside aliens, and the Bible definitely tells us that when humans die, they go to a place where angels reside.

Saving Angels

By now I am probably making the average Christian feel uncomfortable. That is because I am building connections between people and experiences which he is convinced must remain separate. This is a fundamental issue and needs to be addressed with care. Our discussion will begin with some review, but it will progress to new material.

In essence, the typical Christian mindset divides the ‘spiritual realm’ into two camps: angels and demons. Angels are associated with God and are considered to be irrevocably ‘good’. Demons, in contrast, are the servants of Satan, all of whom are irretrievably ‘evil’. When such a Christian hears about UFOs, he becomes confused, because they do not fit this pattern. On the one hand, UFOs use ‘alien technology’, and most Christians have become convinced that technology is, if not good, at least morally neutral. On the other hand, UFO creatures don’t look like anything described in the Bible, don’t quote Bible verses, and often do horrible things to people. Therefore, they must be evil. But the typical Christian mindset cannot handle a spiritual creature who is both bad and good. Therefore, he usually ‘solves’ his dilemma by deciding that aliens are demons and that UFOs come from Satan. My random scanning through books on UFOs in Christian bookstores backs this up. I have yet to find one which does not come to this conclusion.

But, why does the typical Christian divide the spiritual world into ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and insist that everything from that realm fall into one of these two camps? I suggest that this ‘black and white’ thinking is an inevitable side effect of blind faith. Blind faith knows that all Perceiver truth comes from defining Mercy experiences and important people. Thus, truth is ‘true’ because it comes from God, and lies are ‘false’ because they come from Satan.

As I have mentioned before, Perceiver strategy naturally bridges these extremes by building connections between Mercy experiences. As Perceiver thought develops, it finds similarities between ‘good’ Mercy experiences and ‘evil’ Mercy experiences. The result is a conflict between Perceiver facts and Mercy feelings: Mercy strategy insists that good and bad remain separate, while Perceiver thought is convinced that the experiences are similar.

If Perceiver facts replace Mercy feelings, then this leads to the amorality of objective science: “There is no good and evil, all that matters is truth. Who cares whether I design weapons of destruction or medical equipment that saves lives.” If Mercy feelings win over truth, then we have either the blind prejudice of tribalism or else the ‘black and white’ thinking of blind faith.[I]

While tribalism and blind faith are both ultimately rooted in defining Mercy experiences, there is a fundamental difference between them. Tribalism is rooted directly in emotional Mercy experiences. It worships the tree and the mountain. Blind faith, in contrast, is based in a Holy Book. It uses Mercy importance to give emotional status to a book and then tells followers to believe the words of this book. This indirect idolatry makes education possible. In fact, as we have seen, book based education is a very effective way of teaching a childish mind that is rooted in Mercy idolatry.

The indirect idolatry of book-based religion and education makes ‘good’ and ‘evil’ invisible. For the tribal individual, labels of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are applied directly to physical objects and people: My holy tree is good; your holy mountain is evil. My tribe is good; your tribe is evil. I love us; I hate them. ‘My country, tis of thee’; your country breeds terrorism. Book learning, in contrast, teaches solid Perceiver facts, which create imaginary images in Mercy thought. Instead of having good and evil countries and tribes, you have good and evil spirits and concepts. This is a major step forward, because it allows a person to believe in good and evil without having to kill members of opposing groups. Instead of insisting that I am good and you are evil, I can believe that good and evil are warring within both my soul and yours. This turns physical strife into intellectual conflict. I no longer attack you physically. Rather, I attempt to preach truth to you in order to build good and defeat evil. The Bible is very clear that Christians should avoid physical violence and limit their warfare to spiritual matters. 

This distinction is very beneficial when dealing with humans and the physical universe, but it breaks down when referring to aliens and UFOs, because aliens are invisible beings who live within what we regard as the spiritual realm.

Thus, we have a fundamental conflict. If blind faith rules, then all spiritual beings must be labeled as either good or evil, and personal salvation must be impossible for any creature that belongs to the spiritual realm. But, if both humans and aliens are the same inside, and if they only develop in different directions because they inhabit different ‘physical containers’ and live within different universes, then personal salvation must be possible for both humans and angels, because a person is ‘transformed by the renewing of his mind’ and both humans and aliens have the same minds.

So how should one view the question of ‘good and evil’? As I have mentioned earlier, I suggest that the key is to add the concept of time. A Mercy experience may be ‘evil’ now, but it can be turned into ‘good’ by following a process that takes time. I may fail the test now, but if I study, then I can learn the material and pass the test in the future. I may have an evil childish identity that is based in Mercy idolatry, but if I go through the process of personal death and resurrection, then ‘me’ can become reborn as a good adult identity that follows truth.

Using Biblical language, God “rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.”[J] This, after all, is the fundamental message of Christianity: I was born in sin, a member of the kingdom of Satan. Jesus went through physical birth, death and resurrection in order to open up a path of salvation for me. By following the path of Jesus, my sins can be forgiven and I can become a member of the kingdom of God. 

Continuing in a Biblical vein, when a person divides the spiritual realm into untainted good and pure evil, then it is logical to conclude that he is ‘eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’—something which the Bible explicitly forbids.  

When we read about spiritual encounters, we do not find ‘good’ and ‘evil’ neatly separated. Instead, we see a mixture of both good and bad. Spiritual forces which appear at first glance to be ‘Christian’ often end up having results which can only be described as demonic, while spiritual beings that initially provoke intense fear can lead to results which are ‘angelic’. In other words, we are actually dealing the ‘tree of life’, in which lasting spiritual life can only be reached by passing through some sort of death. 

Thus, the only tenable solution to this confusion is to conclude that every finite creature—whether human or alien—is born in sin, and that every finite person—human or angel—needs to be saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus. Any other conclusion destroys the universality of Jesus’ sequence of birth, death, and resurrection, and universal Teacher thought hates exceptions to the rule. And, if Jesus’ plan of salvation is not universal, then Jesus cannot claim to be both man and God, for being God implies universality. Denying the divinity of Jesus is one of the top Christian heresies, definitely more significant than suggesting that angels can be saved.

This is so fundamental that it needs to be said again as clearly as possible. The ultimate plan of ‘Jesus the man’ is the plan of birth, death, and resurrection. If Jesus is also God, then this plan must be a universal one which applies to everything and everyone, including humans, angels, and God. If it does not apply to angels, then it does not apply everywhere, and if it does not apply everywhere, then Jesus cannot claim to be God. And, if Jesus is not God, then you have a Christian heresy.

This concept of applying the plan of Jesus to both humanity and the angel realm is clearly mentioned in the Bible: “For this reason also, God highly exalted Him[Jesus], and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”[K]

This passage uses the universal adjective ‘every’ three times. Just to make sure we know that it does not refer only to humans, it talks about ‘those who are in heaven AND on earth AND under the earth.’ And then, to make extra certain that it is referring both to humans with physical bodies and angels with messenger containers, it says that every ‘knee’ will bow and every ‘tongue’ will confess.

“But this doesn’t say that evil angels can really be saved. It just means that they will be forced to surrender on their way to hell, right?”

This opinion is addressed by another Biblical passage that is even clearer: “For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything. For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross, through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.”[L]

This is a fairly long quote, but the question is also rather significant. Notice that the beginning of the passage makes it utterly plain that we are dealing with both humans and aliens who occupy Teacher-type containers and do not live in the physical universe. ‘Thrones, dominions, rulers, and authorities’ are all Teacher terms describing beings that inhabit Teacher structure and order. We also see Jesus being associated with birth, death and resurrection: He was present at the birth of the universe and is the ‘firstborn from the dead’. And, we see again that God has an emotional reason for following the plan of Jesus: “it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him.”

Finally, there is the Christian plan of salvation being described clearly enough to make any evangelical Christian nod in sanctified agreement: “through Him [Jesus] to reconcile all things to Himself [God], having made peace through the blood of His cross.” And to whom does this plan of salvation apply? ‘Things on earth’ and ‘things in heaven’. Hmmm. That includes both humans and angels.

If Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection brought salvation for all creatures, then why on earth—literally—would God choose a backward planet orbiting a small sun in an unfashionable arm of the Milky Way for His Master Plan? I suggested a possible answer earlier on, but let me mention it again. It appears that earth is unique in the solidness of its occupants. Humans spend their entire lives encased within physical bodies. Most of us are so blinded by physical matter that we are convinced that no other form of existence is possible. Like our example of the hypothetical ultimate cup, if Jesus could manage to carry out His plan of salvation here, then He could carry it out anywhere, because no other realm seems to be so bound mentally and physically to Mercy experiences.

So what exactly would make it possible for angels to be saved? If angels are the mirror-image of humans, and if the plan of incarnation was needed to bring salvation to humanity, then by symmetry, the mirror image of this plan of incarnation would be required to make salvation possible for angels.

Limiting the Supernatural

Let us return to the topic of opening the door to the ‘other side’. I have suggested that the main barrier between here and ‘there’ is a mental one. Let us develop this concept further. If you were offered supernatural powers, would you take them? Suppose that supernatural abilities really did exist and that you had the power to do anything that you wanted. Would you? Strangely enough, the answer is actually no. That is because our ultimate limitation is not our external world but rather the human mind and mental sanity. We like to toy with the idea of having super-powers, but if we really did possess them, then we would shut them down, because they would drive us insane.

For example, back in the 1960s, there was a television series called ‘I dream of Jeannie’. The premise was that some astronaut discovered a genie in a bottle and the genie—called Jeannie—became the servant of the astronaut. Supposedly, this genie had the power to do almost anything. And yet, whenever she conjured up a yacht or a million dollars out of thin air, then her master would always order her to undo the miracle. Why? He was afraid that the neighbors would find out and think that he was crazy, or he was scared that his employers would find out about his genie and kick him out of the astronaut corps.

His primary reason for refusing his genie’s magic, though, was his self-image. The astronaut wanted to earn his yacht; he did not want it handed to him on a silver platter.

And so, the poor genie was relegated to the role of a jailed housemaid, using her super powers to conjure up fancy meals and clean the house. Her master didn’t dare let her out without supervision for fear that she would do something ‘unnatural’ and give his secret away. Thus, the power of his mind to stop miracles was greater than her physical power to create miracles.  

That is why a rational analysis of the supernatural must be preceded by a logical analysis of Christianity and religion. If a UFO were to land on the lawn of the White House and some alien were to step out, all sorts of questions would immediately arise—fundamental questions that we currently sweep under the rug and refuse to acknowledge. If the astronaut in the television series was unable to handle the idea of looking bad in front of his neighbors or losing his job, how do you think today’s typical couch potato would react if forced to face fundamental questions of life, death, God, and existence itself. If you don’t have a solid, rational answer for these questions, then you don’t have a prayer—and I do mean prayer—of mentally surviving an alien invasion.  

Christianity claims to address these issues, but we know that blind faith is still rooted in the Mercy assumptions of the childish mind. You would think that Christians would have no problems conceiving of extra-human intelligent life. After all, the Bible is full of angel encounters. And yet, as I have just mentioned, every Christian book on UFOs that I have thumbed through universally condemns UFOs as a ‘work of the devil’. The same response has happened throughout Christian history. Any time someone performed a task too well, or developed an invention that was too advanced, benighted Christians would accuse him of ‘being in league with the devil’.

My point is this. If you want to experience the supernatural, you must be able to handle the supernatural. And, if you want to be able to handle the supernatural, then you must analyze religion. We have done the latter. It is now possible to address the former.

This idea that God’s power is limited by our mind is also mentioned in the Bible: “Now to Him [God] who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.”[M] In other words, experiencing the supernatural, or receiving ‘beyond all that we ask or think’ is limited by ‘the power that works within us.’

So what is the difference between what I am saying and today’s concept that “The answer lies within you. You can do anything if you only believe in yourself.” Nothing—and everything.

On the one hand, I am saying exactly the same thing. On the other hand, this is the second step in a two-stage process. The first step is to acquire internal content which combines personal skill with knowledge, faith, and an adequate image of God. Only then can you look inside of yourself for the solution. If you want to ‘reap from the spirit’, then you must first ‘sow to the spirit’. There is no point in looking internally for an answer if your mind is devoid of content. For such a person, spiritual power would be as useful and last as long as a delicate crystal vase given to a crying infant.

Does the supernatural really exist? If we keep running away whenever it threatens to show up, then as far as we are concerned, the answer is no, and will remain no. Unless we can handle living in the supernatural, then all questions about its existence are purely academic.

In Biblical terms, what we are really looking at is another aspect of grace. Back in the first section of the book, I suggested that grace has two requirements: First, you must need it. Second you must be able to use it. This applies even more to the question of the supernatural.

Why was the astronaut incapable of utilizing the assistance of his genie? He did not meet the requirements for grace. First, he did not really need her help. He was fully content to continue a natural existence, and her supernatural efforts merely got in the way. Second, he did not know mentally how to handle her efforts. Thus, he didn’t need a genie, and he couldn’t handle a genie.

Added to all of this is the whole question of self-image. When I buy a car, do I feel guilty about taking a shortcut to work? Does it disturb my self-image to get to my destination by sitting in an easy chair, pushing a pedal with my feet, and turning a wheel with my hands? No. Why not? After all, if someone from several hundred years ago were to observe my mode of transportation, he would consider it to be the magic of some genie. What is different?

The answer is that modern man builds his self-image in different ways. We no longer take pride in ‘walking five miles to school every morning’. Instead, we spend our time doing other tasks, and then use the money that we received doing these other things to buy a car and operate it. Getting from here to there is still expensive. The difference is that instead of paying the price in physical effort, we now pay it in money, which we received as a result of physical effort.

But why do I bring up the topic of self-image? What does it have to do with the supernatural? Everything. When you are looking at a form of existence in which physical matter itself is called into question, then something has to hold ‘me’ together, and the only thing that can do the job is mental self-image. Without a solid self-image to keep ‘me’ in one piece, I cannot handle the supernatural.

This means that supernatural life cannot be experienced by a mindset that says, “Jesus’ death on the cross is so incredible that I will never, in a million years, be able to repay him for what he has done for me.” Such an attitude may produce great feelings of self-denial and may help to keep revealed truth frozen, but it cannot keep ‘me’ in one piece when the external world begins to shift. That is because denying self denies ‘self’. Self-denial, by its very nature, destroys self-image. The ultimate goal of Christianity is not self-denial, but rather personal integrity. Self-denial is useful for making ‘me’ die, but eventually God the Father reaches down and uses universal Teacher understanding to bring ‘me’ back to life. How can this happen when I am convinced that God—the very Being that is supposed to resurrect ‘me’—demands that ‘me’ stay dead forever.

But what about the idea that salvation is by grace and not by works? Isn’t that in the Bible? Yes: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”[N] Restating this in the language of mental symmetry, ‘works’ cannot save us. There is no Server action that will bring us to the goal of personal transformation. Instead, what is required is Perceiver faith that is rooted in universal Teacher understanding.

The mental mechanism behind compulsive checking behavior illustrates this perfectly. The individual with this psychological condition will literally check a switch dozens of times, for instance, to see if it is really turned off. But, this checking never gives him mental peace. The problem is that he is using the wrong mental strategy. Knowing that a switch is ‘on’ or ‘off’ is a Perceiver question. Checking the switch is a Server action. You can’t solve a lack of Perceiver confidence by applying Server thought. In Biblical language, you cannot use works to deal with a problem that needs to be solved through faith.

And how is this faith generated? Does the compulsive individual keep telling himself “I believe that the switch is off, I believe…”? That is self-defeating, because it uses emotional pressure to try to build Perceiver confidence. Instead, the Perceiver facts have to be supported by a general Teacher understanding of natural cause and effect. If I understand natural law, then it will be easy to believe in the Perceiver facts: “I know that the switch is off, because I know how the natural world operates. Objects do not spontaneously move by themselves. If I turned off the switch, then it will stay off.” In Biblical terms, that sort of faith is the ‘gift of God’.

The same sort of thing happens with technology. Being able to fly over the ocean in an airplane is definitely living by the grace of technology. But, taking advantage of this grace requires faith. Some people lack this faith and are too scared to fly. And how do I build this faith? By understanding the science behind technology.

But what about all the people who have ‘blind faith’—the ones who step onto an airplane without giving it a second thought? They have built their minds upon an assumption; they assume the existence of airplanes. If their world was to change, then they would mentally fall apart. You see, what is supernatural for one generation may end up becoming natural for the next. Living outside of your comfort zone requires internal content, whether you are leaving the jungle to live in a modern society, or stepping outside of the modern city to survive in the jungle.

If the grace comes through faith, and if the faith is a gift of God, then where is the human effort? The human struggle involves constructing a valid mental image of God. A student at school experiences the same sort of ‘grace from God’. When he graduates, the Teacher understanding that he has gained at school will give him the Perceiver confidence that is need to live the Server actions of an adult. All he has to do is study. But, studying is hard work.

That is how you can receive grace from God and have a self-image. No, you did not work for the solution. The salvation is a gift. Admitting that you need this gift destroys your self-image, and makes you feel like a total loser. The self-sufficient person who tries to ‘work’ his way to personal salvation is not willing to pay this price. Likewise, learning how to walk in grace makes you look stupid in front of others. This price is also too high for most people. But, if you go through this process, then when you look back, you will see that you did pay a price in order to receive the gift, and this will put your self-image back together again.

For instance, suppose that the astronaut accepted the yacht that was conjured up by his genie instead of rejecting it. He would then have to face all sorts of questions from other people: “Where did you get the yacht from? What is a yacht doing in your living room?” He would also have to learn how to reconcile ‘normal’ life as a human with receiving gifts from a genie. Finally, he would face internal struggles: “How can I claim to be a self-sufficient male provider when my genie gives me everything?”

In order to do this he would have to come up with a better Teacher understanding, an expanded Mercy vision, and a new Contributor plan. First, he would need a general Teacher understanding that included both natural events and ‘genie miracles’. Second, the genie’s gifts would have to be more than just random items, but would have to build a Mercy sense of community, love, and belonging. Finally, he would require some plan that he could follow that would allow him to stay mentally and physically whole while encountering continual genie miracles. Looking back, he would be able to see that accepting these gifts and learning to live with them was a struggle that involved time and effort. This would allow him to view himself in the mirror and say, “I did it”. His self-image would be resurrected. In Christian terms, he would have to believe in a Christian Trinity.

But how could the astronaut ever hope to repay the genie for all of her gifts? By allowing her to be a genie. She has been stuck in a bottle for centuries. She wants to come out and live. But what sort of existence does she want? She wants a life that combines her genie powers with her human form. Physically, he cannot give her anything, because she can already produce whatever she wants simply by crossing her arms and blinking. Mentally, though, he can help her to tie her two contrasting natures together and live among normal human beings. But, this will only happen if he himself is battling through these issues, as described in the previous paragraph.

A similar principle applies to ‘me’ and God. How can a finite human ever hope to repay a gift of personal salvation from an infinite God? By accepting God’s gift, learning how to live with this grace as a human being, and applying it within a universal Teacher framework. As our last Bible quote says, God created humans so that they could live out the ‘good works’ that He prepared for them.

We can understand this quote better by looking at Teacher thought. What brings emotional pleasure to a universal Teacher theory? Fleshing out this theory with concrete examples. Therefore, how do humans repay a God that is based in universal Teacher understanding? By doing Server actions that are specific applications of the universal theory of God. After all, every finite creature is capable of doing something which an Infinite God finds impossible—being finite. God cannot be finite. He is infinite. Only a finite creature can add details to a universal theory.

That is what it means to ‘glorify God’. It has nothing to do with singing religious songs and waving your hands around. ‘Glory’ is an external illustration of something that is valuable yet hidden. A flying airplane ‘glorifies’ the laws of lift and drag. The explosion of an atomic bomb ‘glorifies’ Einstein’s equation of E=MC2. Similarly, we glorify God by acting out the righteousness ‘which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.’ How else can you pay back a universal Teacher theory?

And what ties together Infinite God with finite man? The same Contributor incarnation that made these two compatible in the first place through the path of incarnation. That is why we were ‘created in Christ Jesus for good works.’

We have seen that encountering the supernatural and staying sane requires a solid self-image. We can go further. If I want to continue living in the supernatural and keep my self-image intact, then I must pay for what I receive. With money? With physical effort? Of course not. When interacting with a form of existence in which nothing physical is solid, then obviously, this ‘payment’ will never involve any form of physical matter or physical action. The payment is always mental or spiritual.

That is why we defined love as mutually beneficial interpersonal interaction. One-way love is insufficient. It is interesting to note that Jesus directly connects this form of love with entering and living within the supernatural. Just before he dies, he says to his followers: “Little children, I am with you a little while longer. You will seek Me; and as I said to the Jews, now I also say to you, ‘Where I am going, you cannot come.’ A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another.”[O] Six verses later, Jesus adds: “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.”[P]

What is this ‘place’ that Jesus is preparing for his followers? Heaven. Based upon this, I would like to refine our definition of heaven: Heaven is a part of the mirror-image universe that is compatible with humanity. Hell, in contrast, is an aspect of the mirror-image universe that is incompatible with humanity. How big is heaven? Who knows? Jesus does say that ‘in My Father’s house are many dwelling places’, suggesting that heaven is not monolithic. As for my suggestion that hell is a part of the alien universe that is incompatible with humanity, this is also backed up by the words of Jesus: “Then He [God] will also say to those on His left, ‘Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels.”[Q]

Alien Life

We have touched upon some of the requirements that humans must meet in order to be able to survive contact with the supernatural. I would now like to examine what it would be like to live in a mirror-image universe. What we will do is take a human trait or assumption, and then try to get a grasp of its opposite.

Let us start with something that we have already discussed: the concept of name. Humans live in physical bodies. A body is a finite package of Mercy matter. Mirror-image aliens would inhabit finite packages of Teacher ‘stuff’. This explains the Biblical term of angel, which means ‘messenger’, which describes a finite container of Teacher words. So far, we are on familiar ground.

But, what exactly is Teacher ‘stuff’? In general terms, Mercy strategy handles something that stays the same, while Teacher thought interprets things that change. Something that stays the same is an object, whereas something that changes is a wave. Physics tells us that there is a duality between particles and waves. Particles have mass; waves have energy. Thus, a mirror-image being would occupy a ‘body’ of energy.

This is a standard concept in UFO literature: Aliens temporarily occupy physical containers in order to interact with humans. But, they don’t normally live in physical matter. Instead, when humans ask the aliens what they ‘really look like’, then the aliens ‘take off’ their bodies and appear as glowing orbs of energy.

The same thing is seen in crop circles. It is obvious that some of them are made by humans. However, there are also many crop circles which do not have a natural explanation. On the rare occasions when humans see circles being made, they talk about balls of light hovering over the field using energy to create the patterns.

A similar episode occurs in the life of Jesus, which is referred to as the transfiguration: “While He [Jesus] was praying, the appearance of His face became different, and His clothing became white and gleaming. And behold, two men were talking with Him; and they were Moses and Elijah, who, appearing in glory, were speaking of His departure which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem. Now Peter and his companions had been overcome with sleep.”[R]

It is amazing how many standard ‘mirror-image alien’ concepts are contained within this short passage: It begins with Jesus praying, interacting verbally with the ‘other side’. This is followed by light and energy. Next, two dead Biblical humans teleport onto the scene. There is verbal interaction. And the topic of conversation is Jesus’ ultimate sequence of birth, death, and resurrection. Finally, what are the humans doing? What they usually do when UFO creatures show up on the scene: sleeping.

There is an interesting passage in the Biblical book of Daniel which confirms the idea of living within energy: “Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt. Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expense of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.”[S]

Here it refers to humans who are being physically resurrected, but I have suggested that humans and aliens are the same inside, and that the external line between them blurs after physical death. Notice that this resurrection process is based upon internal Teacher content. A person with ‘insight’ is someone who has general Teacher understanding. ‘Righteousness’ is the personal characteristic of naturally living according to the general Teacher theory of God. ‘Leading many to righteousness’ is doubly Teacher related. Not only is this person instinctively acting in a way that is consistent with Teacher understanding, but he also is causing others to do the same, thereby increasing the generality of the Teacher theory. If a Teacher theory is like the monarch of a kingdom, then this individual is being a loyal subject and leading others to become loyal subjects as well. The greater the Teacher effect, the brighter the resurrection body: the one with understanding shines like the sky; the one who leads others to Teacher generality radiates energy like a star.[T]

So what is the difference between the ‘righteous believer’ who gains understanding and the human bureaucrat who applies inhuman regulations? On the surface, nothing. That is because both of them are learning how to live as humans within a mirror-image alien environment. However, righteousness is an internalcharacter trait. It is the ability to be guided internally by Teacher understanding even though living externally within a human Mercy-based environment. In contrast, the inhuman bureaucrat is driven to turn alien by his external environment. He lives within rules and regulations, and is forced to learn them and apply them. His inhuman behavior demonstrates that he lacks the mental content that is required to bridge between his inhuman work environment and the humans who are forced to pass through his domain.[U] In addition, the human pseudo-alien is a living contradiction. He acts alien, even though living within a human body. In contrast, the righteous believer is promised that he will eventually be made complete. Ultimately, his external container will be expanded to match the internal character that he has developed.

Connecting aliens with light and energy often leads to the following response from the ‘Bible-believing crowd’: “Isn’t Satan also called Lucifer—which means light-bearer. And doesn’t Satan ‘disguise himself as an angel of light’? Therefore, when a UFO being shows that he is composed of energy, then he must obviously be a Satanic creature, right?”

Yes, Lucifer does mean ‘bearer of light’, and in the Biblical book of Isaiah it does talk about Lucifer being the ‘morning star’ before ‘falling from heaven’. Thus, Satan was full of light. But, after he fell, he had to disguise himself in order to appear as an ‘angel of light’. Therefore, this sort of response makes as much sense as saying that all money must be rejected simply because someone who used to work at the mint turned into a crook who now counterfeits money.

In contrast, the Bible clearly connects light with God: “This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the Light as he Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”[V] Walking in darkness leads to lying, and we know that Satan is the ‘father of lies’. In contrast, the death of Jesus allows us, not to block off our sins and pretend that they don’t exist, but rather to become open and walk in the light.

So are we dealing here with real light and physical energy or just mental ‘light’? Yes. For humans, the process starts with mental light. After you die, all that remains is mental light. And, according to Daniel, those who acquire mental light will eventually also have physical light. In other words, humans start with Mercy containers and acquire Teacher energy.

By symmetry, a mirror-image alien would start by occupying light and would want to acquire a physical body. This explains ‘demon possession’, which occurs when a mirror-image alien temporarily wrests control of a physical body away from its human occupant.

What would permit a spirit to occupy part of a human mind? Creating mental structure and then separating it from conscious control.[W] This happens, for instance, when a person blocks off areas of thought: “I don’t want to think about that. It is not part of me.” It can also occur when a spirit is invited to occupy your mind: “Satan, I give my soul to you.” The bottom line is that you create a mental ‘guest house’ and then invite a spirit to live in it.

The same thing happens when a person asks ‘Jesus into his heart’ or is ‘filled with the spirit’. Mental programming creates an internal image of ‘Jesus’ or the ‘Holy Spirit’. When this mental structure acquires critical mass, it becomes mentally ‘alive’. This is a natural process which this book has described in detail. ‘Being filled with a spirit’ or ‘being filled with The Spirit’ simply adds an extra dimension—inviting spiritual life to live within the mental life.

Thus, topics such as demon possession, asking Jesus into your heart, or the filling of the spirit, can all be approached either psychologically or Biblically. The psychological approach addresses the underlying mental structure which either creates or removes the ‘home’ for the inhabiting spirit. The spiritual dimension then becomes added as the inhabiting spirit interacts with this mental ‘home’.

The Biblical approach to spiritual rebirth begins by ‘exorcising the demon’, and then uses Biblical content to repair the underlying mental structure. The psychological approach, in contrast, rebuilds the mental structure and then tells the person to fill this mental structure with ‘life’. How does one exorcise a demon? Through the name of Jesus. Biblically speaking, this name is above all other names. Psychologically, applying the name of Jesus means submitting to the mental process of internal rebirth—destroying the harmful mental content and replacing it with healthy thinking.

So, is this form of possession good or bad? It depends upon the occupying spirit. I suspect that this sort of thing is far more common than we think. Who know how much of our ‘subconscious creativity’ is the result of pure mental processing, and how much has been enhanced through the mental manipulation of some alien being. I also was probably ‘helped’ in my research. I may be clever, but I am not that clever. The material in this book is too amazing for me to have come up with all of it on my own. And yet, I was never handed any of it on a silver platter. At each step, I still had to struggle to understand it and work to make it my own. In a sense, there is no difference between an internal and an external teacher. They may both lead you to the water, but you still have to do the drinking.

The biggest danger appears to lie in removing an evil spirit and not replacing it with a good spirit: “Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came’; and when it comes, it finds it unoccupied, swept, and put in order. Then it goes and takes along with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go and live there; and the last state of that man becomes worse than the first.”[X]

Living as a Name

Closely related to the idea of an ‘energy body’ is the whole concept of having a ‘name’. Both are finite Teacher packages: An energy body, or ‘wavicle’—to borrow a term from physics, is a finite bundle of Teacher energy. A name is a finite bundle of Teacher speech.

Suppose that someone is called a ‘baker’. This is a name that describes a person’s function. A ‘baker’ specializes in baking. Many names are backed up by professional associations which ensure that anyone who calls himself by this label has a certain level of skills and qualifications. As I mentioned earlier, in many professions, it is illegal to apply the label to oneself or carry out any of the actions of that name unless one meets the requirements of the appropriate professional association. For instance, no one is permitted to call himself a medical doctor or practice medicine unless he is approved by the college of physicians.

Now, imagine that a physician is incapable of doing anything outside of his medical field. That is what it means to be an angel ‘messenger’ who lives within a name. A human doctor can shut the door at the end of the day and go home to his family, whereas a messenger would be locked in the office, unable to read anything except medical literature. By symmetry, an alien would be as incapable of contradicting his name as a human is of leaving his physical body.

But wouldn’t that drive a human insane? A human, yes. But not a mirror-image alien, because he wouldn’t know any better. Just as a human may long to go beyond his body but ultimately accepts the limitations of his physical form, so a mirror-image alien would also learn to exist within the limitations of his name. He would have no choice.

The Bible places a stupendous importance upon names. Back in Jewish times, names were chosen carefully and the meaning of a name was very significant. It is the name of Jesus that is above all other names, and a person is saved by calling upon his name. Jewish heroes of faith were often given new names by God to signify internal transformation. Abram, for instance, was renamed Abraham, going from ‘exalted father’ to ‘father of a multitude’. His wife also had her name changed from Sarai to Sarah. After Jacob wrestled with the angel, he was renamed Israel—warrior of God. Likewise, Christians are promised in several passages that they will receive a new name as a reward for taking a step of faith.

The Bible gives the names of three angels: Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel. Lucifer means ‘light bearer’, Michael means ‘who is like God’, and Gabriel means ‘hero of God’. Michael is often described as the angel of Israel. Throughout history, the nation of Israel has carried out the Server actions that are needed to preserve the general Teacher understanding of God, providing the concrete Server illustrations for the abstract Teacher ‘equations’ of God. Thus, in a Teacher and Server sense, Israel is ‘like God’ and can therefore be helped by an angel whose name is ‘who is like God’. As for Gabriel, he was the angel who declared to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus, announcing to the world the new ‘hero of God’.

Among these three names, Lucifer is the only one that can stand by itself in a Teacher sense. A ‘light bearer’ can produce its own energy. For a being of energy, this is like possessing the keys to the fountain of eternal youth. It is logical that such a creature would think that it is self-sufficient and attempt to live independently of God. But wouldn’t such a person be able to see what is happening? No. Seeing implies having a physical body. All an angel has is his name. In the same way that all human impressions are filtered through the lens of our human senses, so everything that an angel senses would come through the filter of his name. We see this to some extent in human professionals. The businessman sees everything as an opportunity to make money, while the policeman tends to see everyone as a potential criminal. For an angel, this mental bias would be total and complete.

I also have a name. My name is the ‘diagram of mental symmetry’. When I describe this theory, I am also telling you about me and how I think, feel, and function. But, isn’t mental symmetry a general Teacher theory? If it is a general Teacher theory, then how can it also be a specific Teacher name? Because, right now, as far as I know, I am the only person in the whole world who actually uses this theory. This may sound strange, but it is true. Even my brother has abandoned it and now refers to it as ‘Lorin’s diagram’. While a number of my friends, family, and others are familiar with the concept of cognitive styles and use cognitive styles to categorize and understand people, none of them have progressed to the stage of using the diagram of mental symmetry as a general theory to analyze human thought. Meanwhile, I have continued to plug along, using this theory to guide my thought and my actions.

This transformation of theory into name does not occur when you discover some idea and then become publicly lauded as the originator of that theory. That is because the connection between the theory and the name is being made externally by society. In contrast, I have been forced to build an internal relationship between this theory and myself. These connections remain with me wherever I go, because they are part of my mental structure. Even when others begin to use this theory, the internal structure will still be present. In addition, the theory of mental symmetry is universal enough for me to continue functioning as a—reasonably—normal human being, even though in most cases it is my Teacher name that holds ‘me’ together and not my physical body. 

Notice the various levels of Teacher identity: A person who buys a book about a topic owns a physical object, but he has no intellectual property. If he reads the book and understands the topic, then he has acquired mental property. The person who comes up with a theory is a creator of mental wealth. The one who comprehends a theory and lives by it acquires a name. The one who builds a theory and lives by it creates a name for himself. Finally, the one who builds a general theory, and lives by it even when no one else is following it, creates and acquires a general name. If this general name has nothing to do with reality, then that person becomes insane. But, if that general name describes the external realm, then his general name ends up being above other more specific names.

Angel Conscience

A being that lived in a name would have a completely different sense of personal morality. Humans define morality in human terms. In other words, human rules of morality are designed to protect people living in mortal, finite physical bodies within a material universe. None of this applies to mirror-image aliens. Does this mean that they would be amoral? According to our definition of morality, yes.

If mirror-image aliens live within finite Teacher containers, then alien morality would center on the preservation of words and messages. Most humans treat words incredibly lightly, saying anything that we like to suit the demands of the moment. According to alien morality, we are the amoral ones, while they are moral.

Christian theology states that Jesus lived as an angel before he became human. Thus it makes sense that Jesus would make the following statement: “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”[Y] The Bible actually uses two different terms to describe words: rhema for the normal spoken word, and logos for a type of word that is far more lasting and solid.

Mirror-image alien morality is like human professionalism. For instance, I am a professional violinist. This means that I am capable of playing the instrument consistently with a certain level of proficiency. When I am asked to play in a musical gig, I can be trusted to practice the part, show up on time, and perform adequately. In Christian terms, a professional is ‘righteous’, because he naturally acts in ways that are consistent with the name of his profession.

Professionalism is completely independent of human morality. A hired assassin, for instance, can be highly professional, but that does not make what he does morally acceptable to humanity. The relationship between alien and human morality is similar to the relationship between science and technology. What is the difference between good and bad science? Good science is ‘professional’; it is done with accuracy, honesty, careful research, and academic integrity. Is it possible to be a ‘good scientist’ and come up with something morally repugnant? Of course. Military research does this all the time. It uses professional science to come up with immoral technology.[Z]

Think, for instance, of the person who develops a more effective bomb. According to Teacher-based, scientific, alien morality, he is a highly moral individual. But, according to human, Mercy-based, personal morality, he is a cold-blooded mass murderer, who is perfecting the arm of maiming and destroying humans.

People often accuse the angels in the Bible of being destroyers of humanity. In the story of the Jewish Exodus, an angel killed all the first-born Egyptians; during the reign of Hezekiah, another angel slaughtered 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. But that is applying human morality to beings who are not human. The human soldier, the human corporate executive, and the human scientist should know better. As a human being living in a physical universe, the soldier, for instance, knows exactly what it means to rip the leg off another human with a grenade. An angel does not. On the other hand, an angel knows exactly what it means to ‘take the name of God in vain’, or tattoo a symbol into one’s skin.

Let me pause briefly to address the subject of tattoos and body piercings. These days it has become fashionable and even commonplace to imbed pictures and symbols into human skin or to poke metal through various body parts. If nothing exists beyond physical reality, then I suggest that all of this is mere innocent fun. But, if the physical body is designed to lead the mind into common sense and internal sanity, if the ultimate goal is to replace the temporal body with something more substantial, and if mirror-image aliens exist, then tattoos and body piercings are of profound importance.

Let us look first at body piercing. I have stated innumerable times that Mercy thought is the first part of the human mind to develop and that it is initially programmed by emotional experiences from the physical body. In addition, the entire first section of this book is based upon the premise that our human world suffers from a split between objective Thinking and subjective Feeling. When a person sticks metal into his face or into sensitive or private parts of his body, he is declaring in the most graphic way possible that he wants his personal Mercy identity to be pierced with metal objectivity. He is stating to everyone he meets in an ‘in your face’ manner: “Treat me like a robot. I want to be inhuman. I am nothing more than a machine. I want to mutilate my Mercy sensitivity.”

But, our world is already sufficiently inhuman. We don’t need more inhumanity. And, if the next few pages are correct, then the human realm is about to become vastly more inhuman. As a Perceiver person who has devoted most of his life to the task of being gentle to Mercy thought and trying to build a sensitive personal identity, I find this sort of attitude to be repugnant. At this point in my life, I literally have to turn away and look in another direction when I see metal in the face. One of the reasons that I stay in Korea is because this practice is still extremely uncommon here. When a person claims to be a Christian and still sticks metal in gross personal locations, is he is not turning his back upon the Holy Spirit—the epitome of gentleness and sensitivity? And yet, time and again, I find that it is the musician in the ‘praise band’, the one who claims to be ‘leading the people in spiritual worship of God’, who is the first to get his body pierced. I am forced to conclude that the God he worships is vastly different from the God that I serve and obey.

That brings us to the topic of tattoos, which usually accompany body piercing. What aspect of our identity are we capable of saving as finite humans? Our minds. This book has described the process in intimate detail. What aspect of our identity are we utterly unable to save without supernatural help? Our physical bodies. They are all decaying and falling apart. How does the supernatural realm operate? It uses Teacher words and symbols. What is the name that is above all names by which everyone is saved? The name of Jesus. How does Jesus save a person? He starts by saving the inside and then uses this as a basis for saving the external.

When a person puts a tattoo into his body he is making three fatal mistakes: First, he is identifying himself with a symbol that is not Jesus. Wherever he goes, that symbol follows, because it is buried within his skin and cannot be removed.[AA] Second, he is applying that symbol to his physical body, the very object which it is absolutely imperative for Jesus to save. Third, he is injecting an external symbol into his external body, whereas the salvation of Jesus begins by applying the name of Jesus internally to one’s internal personal identity. The Bible says that our physical body is the temple of God and that humans are made in the image of God. I would be very frightened of messing with that image in such a deliberate yet profound way.[BB]

When I tell these points to other people, they usually think that I am vastly overreacting. However, if mirror-image alien reality exists, and if that realm begins to touch our physical world, then theory predicts that a human who encounters aliens would not want to have a tattoo or a body-piercing. As with most of this section, only time will tell whether I am the one who is crazy or the people around me.[CC]

Which brings us back to the topic of human and alien morality. When beings are so different, then the morality of the one can be viewed by the other as literally repulsive and insane. 

This contrast in morality is illustrated—usually to a lesser degree—by Jews and Christians. The role of the Jews as a chosen nation was, and still is, to support the general Teacher understanding of God with the Server sequences of their country. Thus, they were subjected to an alien type of professional ‘conscience’. They were supposed to be ‘professional’ Jews, carrying out God’s commandments with technical skill. In the Old Testament, behavior that modern humans would consider to be immoral was tolerated by God.

And yet, we see that this path of violence was not God’s first choice. For instance, King David is revered by Jews as one of their greatest religious heroes, a man who ‘walked after God’s heart’. And yet, he was forbidden by God from building the temple in Jerusalem because he was a ‘man of war’ who had too much blood on his hands. Instead, it was his son Solomon who built the temple.

Being a Christian, in contrast, means allowing the Holy Spirit to energize your mental landscape of personal conscience. Of course, many so-called Christians have killed in the name of Jesus, but when they do so, they violate both the example of Jesus and the teachings of the New Testament.

An angel does not know human morality. He lives within words and energy; that is his existence. For him, a physical body is like speech for humans—nothing more than a passing vapor. Thus, it is possible that the alien angel ruling over hell would not consider himself to be a ‘demon’. If he performed his job in a professional manner, then he would think himself to be totally moral. The real demon is the angel who has tasted human feelings and knows the suffering that is produced by his professionalism. But, even that is not the ultimate. The real, real demon is the human who has turned alien, who abuses and tortures his fellow creatures while still being a human, who gains pleasure in tormenting the sensitive, mortal flesh of other humans, and then who goes home and panders to the sensitivities of his own mortal form. That is the true evil, because it has chosen to become evil, despite knowing all of the sadistic consequences of its choices. 

Praying for Hell

Let us summarize. If we want an alien visit to be moral according to human standards, then that is our responsibility. We must add the morality by inserting the correct human variables into the alien equations.

Are we doing this? NO! Instead of asking the other side to respect humanity and protect human frailty, those who are trying to contact the other side are begging ‘them’ to be inhuman. This is rather stupid, because mirror-image aliens are very good at being inhuman; they simply have to act according to their nature. But, what happens when inhuman masters rule over humanity? They create hell. Hell, according to the Bible, is an environment ‘made for the devil and his angels’ in which humans are forced to live.

Yes. It really is that bad. First there is the human military-industrial complex. An Army specializes in using force to control a population and in killing those who oppose them and destroying their property. Set aside the false front of pretty uniforms, flashy weapons, and patriotism, and what remains is a killing machine—a hierarchical organization of ultimate inhumanity. At best, it is a necessary evil.[DD] Backing up this killing machine is a group of companies that specialize in producing, packaging, and profiting from death. Supposedly, these people have an inside track to aliens. The purpose of this interaction? To develop new weapons—new ways of being even more monstrously inhuman.

What makes it even worse is that according to American Law, a company is legally a ‘person’. But, a company has no personal Mercy feelings. Instead, it is directed—by law—to pursue the inhuman bottom line of making money. A company is a sort of abstract being, held together by Teacher feelings of corporate order and structure. When a human joins a large company, he is expected to leave his Mercy feelings behind and become a ‘professional’ who ignores his ‘private life’. Today, most American laws are the result of lobbying by companies. Thus, even if mirror-image aliens do not exist, America, the world’s largest economy, is already under the control of the mirror-image aliens which we call ‘companies’. And, if aliens do exist, then these inhuman forms provide excellent shells for alien beings to ‘possess’.[EE]

Second, there are the New Age meditators. On the surface, the motives of these humans are far more benevolent. But, how do these people make contact with ‘them’? They enter a Buddhist trance, empty their minds of all human thoughts and invite the spirits to come. This ends up calling upon the same aliens as the military: The ultimate goal of the military is external annihilation and destruction; the ultimate goal of the Buddhist meditator is internal annihilation and destruction. The military empties the physical landscape of external Perceiver objects; the meditator empties his mental landscape of internal Perceiver facts. The military imprisons a population and stops it from performing Server actions; the meditator imprisons his mind and prevents his personal body from performing Server actions. However, when dealing with aliens, there is no such thing as internal versus external. They blend together. Thus, both the military and the meditators end up attracting the same aliens.[FF]

What about the Bible-believing Christians? Generally speaking, they are convinced that serving God means denying self. Thus, when they turn their attention to the supernatural, then they turn their back upon personal Mercy feelings. This ends up attracting—guess what—the same inhuman aliens. In addition, most of these same Christians are hoping for the ‘rapture’, when they will be teleported up to heaven and the earth will go through the Great Tribulation, during which time it will be under the thumb of—inhuman aliens.

As for the charismatic Christian who does believe in the supernatural, he is generally convinced that God cannot be comprehended by human logic and that human actions play no role in divine salvation. What do you end up with when you throw out Perceiver logic and suppress Server actions? The same inhuman aliens.

And then there is entertainment. When millions of humans get emotionally caught up in a certain style of music or identify with a specific movie, they too are sending out a corporate, unconscious prayer to the other side—a ‘groaning that is too deep for words’. What sort of message? Well, is today’s music human or inhuman? Are the movies human or inhuman? When we listen to the human music and watch the human movies of a few decades ago, we reject them as impossibly naïve. We want something darker and more ‘realistic’—something more inhuman.

I too am making a prayer to the other side. This book describes my prayer. I want to be treated as an intelligent human. Therefore, I am using intelligence to analyze humanity.

What makes me think that there is any chance of my lonely cry for ‘heaven on earth’ being heard amidst the clamor of billions of others for ‘incarnate hell’? Humanly speaking, nothing. Hell on earth will come. Too many factors—environmental, personal, cultural, political, and spiritual—are pushing us in that direction. But, I can pray that the nature of this human hell be altered; I can ask that the alien invasion equation be filled with different human variables.

Speaking in Tongues

Before we go on, I would like to mention one more example of alien equations interacting with human variables. This specific combination has split numerous Christian churches and has led to massive controversy among Christian theologians. I refer to the practice known as ‘speaking in tongues’.

For those of you who are not familiar with Christian beliefs, a person who speaks in tongues will spontaneously talk in a ‘heavenly language’. This ‘heavenly language’ can vary all the way from nonsense syllables to real speech in a foreign tongue.

When I was growing up, ‘speaking in tongues’ was probably the most controversial subject in Evangelical Churches. On the one hand, extreme Charismatic Christians declared that in order to be a Christian one had to speak in tongues. On the other hand, many conservative believers stated with equal fervor that speaking in tongues was ‘of the devil’.

This disagreement boils down to two fundamental questions: First, is there such a thing as ‘speaking in tongues’? Is it a genuine manifestation of ‘spiritual power’ or is it merely a mental trick? Second, is speaking nonsense syllables spiritually acceptable or must all ‘speaking in tongues’ be in a known language?

These questions are easy to answer if we examine the issue from the viewpoint of alien equations and human variables. I have suggested that mirror-image aliens live in words. Thus, it makes perfect sense that interaction with ‘the other side’ would result in human speech. Psychologically speaking, it is possible to produce ‘speaking in tongues’ by disconnecting Teacher strategy from the rest of the mind. Rap so-called music is very similar to speaking in tongues, because at its core it is a flow of spontaneous speech devoid of virtually any another mental content.[GG]

However, if mirror-image aliens exist, and if they influence human thought, then it makes sense that one of the most basic ways that this interaction expresses itself is through a form of ‘speaking in tongues’. Therefore, the theory of mental symmetry indicates that ‘speaking in tongues’ can be a valid ‘spiritual gift’.

That brings us to the second question. Should ‘speaking in tongues’ always have meaning, or is speaking gibberish spiritually acceptable? Notice that we have returned to the question of alien equations and human variables. Speech is produced by Teacher thought. Meaning is added by Perceiver facts. Speech without meaning is an equation without a variable. Meaning adds the content to the equations of speech.

Thus, ‘speaking in tongues’ that lacks meaning is an example of alien equations without human variables. Adding meaning to ‘speaking in tongues’ combines human variables with alien equations. We have just seen that it is extremely dangerous to accept alien equations without human variables. Every major human group seems to be doing this, and the end result is hell on earth. Thus, we conclude that ‘speaking in tongues’ is only safe for humans if meaning is added to the speech.

The most obvious way of doing this is by speaking a known human language. There are numerous stories of people speaking things in a language which they themselves did not know. The original Biblical account of speaking in tongues describes precisely this:

“And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit was giving them utterance. Now there were Jews living in Jerusalem, devout men from every nation under heaven. And when this sound occurred, the crowd came together, and were bewildered because each one of them was hearing them speak in his own language. They were amazed and astonished, saying, ‘Why, are not all these who are speaking Galileans? And how is it that we each hear them in our own language to which we were born?’”[HH]

It is also possible to add content to tongues indirectly. This happens when one person speaks in tongues and another individual gives the interpretation. When the apostle Paul wrote about speaking in tongues, he instructed that “if anyone speaks in a tongue, it should be by two or at the most three, and each in turn, and one must interpret.”[II]

Finally, one can also add human content to alien tongues over time. When I was younger, I attended a charismatic church for several years, though I myself never ‘spoke in tongues’. In my experience, this ‘spiritual gift’ was of most benefit to Christians who had spent years learning Biblical doctrine and putting it into practice. When they acquired the gift of ‘speaking in tongues’, their alien speech occurred within a vast mental context of human content.

In contrast, most of the people who joined such a movement later on saw ‘speaking in tongues’ as a shortcut to Christian maturity. For these individuals, this gift often led to personal disaster. In the short term, they usually felt that they had an inside track to special knowledge, and thought that they did not need to study or do their homework. Thus, one saw an attitude of arrogance combined with stupidity. To some extent, this combination is expressed by anyone who places blind faith in revealed truth, but it is especially potent in those who feel that they have a direct verbal ‘supra-rational’ line to God.

In the long term, such individuals often ended up falling into some sort of immorality, usually of a sexual nature. This makes sense, because the person who ‘speaks in tongues’ is opening up his mind to unfettered interaction with another intelligent being. When a person connects to the spiritual realm by letting down all of his personal barriers, then he will also be tempted to practice inappropriate intimacy with his fellow Christian worshippers.

If the Holy Spirit is the ‘Spirit of Truth’, then we conclude that tongues are only ‘of the Holy Spirit’ if they are in some way connected with human content. This is because truth, meaning, and content all involve Perceiver thought. Without Perceiver meaning, there cannot be Perceiver truth. The apostle Paul said the same thing: “Yet even lifeless things, either flute or harp, in producing a sound, if they do not produce a distinction in the tones, how will it be known what is played on the flute or on the harp? For if the bugle produces an indistinct sound, who will prepare himself for battle? So also you, unless you utter by the tongue speech that is clear, how will it be known what is spoken? For you will be speaking into the air. There are, perhaps, a great many kinds of languages in the world, and no kind is without meaning.”[JJ]

Finally, the Bible gives specific instructions on how to test whether or not an alien visitation is ‘from God’: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.”[KK] Notice that this is a verbal test. To ‘confess’ means to ‘say along with’. Thus, we are dealing here with Teacher words, the realm of mirror-image aliens. The first part of the test has to do with the plan of incarnation. Is ‘Jesus Christ’ present? Does the alien visitation contain Jesus’ ultimate plan of birth, death, and resurrection. Second, there is the phrase ‘come in the flesh’. How does a spirit ‘come in the flesh’?  By adding human content to alien equations.

Alien Emotions

Let us turn our attention now to the emotional difference between humans and mirror-image aliens. A physical body teaches the human mind about personal Mercy feelings by filling Mercy thought with experiences of pain and pleasure. This is a specific Mercy feeling. The natural order of the universe leads a human to discover the Teacher emotion that is associated with understanding a universal Teacher theory. This is a general Teacher emotion. Thus, most of the feelings that we have talked about so far in this book have been specific Mercy feelings and general Teacher feelings.

For a mirror-image alien, it would be the inverse. His ‘body’ of energy would fill his mind with specific Teacher feelings, while studying his environment would cause him to discover general Mercy emotions.

General Mercy emotions we already understand. They are related to the Holy Spirit. It feels good to see many people interacting in a mutually beneficial way. This sort of feeling is generated by the ideal capitalist economy, in which every person has a skill and does his part to keep the economy running smoothly. I say ‘ideal’ because today’s economy is no longer beneficial for everyone. Instead, it has been hijacked by a few wealthy individuals and companies who maintain their position by exploiting others. To some extent, one can still see ‘ideal capitalism’ in a small town or city that has not yet been invaded by large outlet stores. In Christian terms, positive feelings of Mercy generality are produced when people ‘love one another’.

So what exactly is a ‘specific Teacher emotion’? The key is to realize that good Teacher feelings are produced by a combination of two factors: order and complexity. We have compared this to a country and its citizens. There are two ways for a country to generate stronger Teacher feelings. The first way is to add citizens to the country. This is the method of Teacher generality. The larger the population, the more powerful and mighty the state. In Biblical terms, whenever a person becomes righteous and acts consistently with his general Teacher understanding of God, then he ‘glorifies God’ and brings Teacher pleasure to the universal Teacher understanding of God. Using another Biblical analogy, he becomes a ‘citizen of the kingdom of light’. This happens mentally with an image of God, and the Bible tells us that it also happens externally with a real God.

As I mentioned briefly earlier one, the other way to increase Teacher feelings is by making the package smaller. Instead of adding more citizens to the country, you take the same number of citizens and place them in a smaller country. If you want an example, think of a city state such as Singapore or Hong Kong. Countries such as these are not large or powerful. Instead, their Teacher feelings of national pride come from the fact that so much is contained within such a small package.

This is the sort of Teacher feeling that is produced by modern electronics: “Look at that new gadget. Isn’t it amazing what it can do? And see how small it is. That is the marvel of modern engineering.”

Decreasing the size of a package is closely related to the concept of cuteness. Something that is cute is always smaller than normal. What matters is the relative size—how big it is compared to how big it could be. A baby elephant is huge, but it is still cute because it is smaller than a normal elephant.

I should also mention that cuteness is not just related to Teacher emotions. It also has a Mercy component. A cute person, animal, or object has a less developed Mercy network: It is a little clumsy, somewhat unsubtle, and expresses itself through primary shapes, colors and feelings. However, what we are emphasizing here is the relationship between cuteness and Teacher feelings.[LL]

An infinite God naturally generates feelings of universality. An infinite God, however, is rotten at being cute. Finite beings, in contrast, excel at being cute. Can you imagine a small country like Iceland trying to act mighty and powerful? It would be a joke.[MM] Iceland doesn’t even have an army. The same incongruity is produced when a cute girl tries to look tough. It doesn’t work. It is a contradiction in terms. If this is laughable, imagine how an infinite God feels when tiny humans attempt to act powerful. It is a cosmic joke. This explains why the Bible states over and over again that ‘God resists the proud but gives grace unto the humble.’ It is an instinctive, emotional reaction.

Let us summarize. Positive Teacher emotions are generated by order within complexity, or content within a package. You can increase Teacher feelings either by adding more content to the package, leading to feelings of greater generality, or by putting the existing content into a smaller package, leading to feelings of greater compactness and miniaturization. The best example of compactness is provided by modern consumer electronics, which places ever more content within ever smaller packages. Cuteness combines Teacher miniaturization with Mercy ‘juvenilization’.

Why then would finite humans try to worship an infinite God with big, spectacular events? I suggest that they have an inadequate internal image of God. They have no universal Teacher understanding that impinges upon Mercy identity, and so they try to create one externally by getting together with thousands of other people and talking or singing loudly about God. Experiencing this concert extravaganza gives Teacher thought external feelings of generality that make up for the shallow internal concept of God. The same thing happens at any large rock concert or other mass rally. It too can create a ‘religious experience’.

As I have mentioned earlier, this process is repeated every Sunday in most North American churches with ‘praise and worship’: First, everyone sings loud and exciting ‘praise’ songs in order to build up their mental image of God. Then they change to quiet ‘worship’ songs so that vulnerable ‘me’ can nestle within the ‘greatness of God’.

The Power of Words

Now that we know what it means to have specific Teacher feelings and general Mercy emotions, let us see if we can try to grasp what it would be like to live within such an environment.

Imagine what it would be like if words had feelings. Every word that you spoke would be associated with some sort of emotion. To some extent this happens to humans. The Teacher person, in particular, loves to be able to express his thoughts by picking exactly the right word, and hates it when he has a small vocabulary and is forced to say things in a clumsy way. For an angel, the connection between words and feelings would be inescapable, especially if these words were associated in some way with his name.

We see an illustration of this relationship between name and emotion when Judas met Jesus in the Garden in order to betray him to the religious leaders. Jesus asked the soldiers that came to arrest him: “‘Whom do you seek?’ They answered Him, ‘Jesus the Nazarene.’ He said to them, ‘I am He.’ And Judas also, who was betraying Him, was standing with them. So when He said to them, ‘I am He,’ they drew back and fell to the ground.”[NN]

An even clearer example of the emotional power of angelic speech occurs in the book of Daniel: “I was left alone and saw this great vision; yet no strength was left in me, for my natural color turned to a deathly pallor, and I retained no strength. But I heard the sound of his [the angel’s] words; and as soon as I heard the sound of his words, I fell into a deep sleep on my face, with my face to the ground.”[OO]

This connection between words and feelings is also borne out by those who claim to have heard the voice of an angel. The words are not just normal speech. Instead, there is a depth to them, like the chiming of a crystal. And, as seems to be the case whenever dealing with the ‘other side’, they are not sure whether they heard the voice inside their heads or whether actual words were spoken.

For a mirror-image angel, ‘verbal’ communication would actually be done via Mercy images. What humans regard as mere Teacher words would form the substance of alien ‘reality’. In contrast, the human realm of solid Mercy experiences would be viewed by aliens as ephemeral communication. Thus, they would communicate with each other and with humans through the use of Mercy pictures. But, just as humans regard ‘talk as cheap’, so mirror-image aliens would not consider there to be any fundamental connection between Mercy images and reality.

If you want an analogy, an alien could be compared to a computer program that resides with a computer. For such a ‘being’, words would be everything, because the behavior of a computer program is determined completely by the lines of computer code that make up the program. In contrast, an image is nothing more than a pattern of moving lights painted upon a visual monitor. Alter the computer code and the image changes.

UFO accounts often talk about aliens placing images telepathically within the minds of humans. And humans who receive this communication usually make the error of placing too much significance upon these images, and not realizing that for the typical alien, pictures are a dime a dozen.


We began this book by looking at humans and personal Mercy feelings. We learned fairly quickly that the presence of physical Mercy feelings causes the human mind to develop in one of two directions. Reviewing quickly: The childish way is for Mercy feelings to overwhelm Perceiver confidence and mesmerize Perceiver thought into knowing what is true. Each emotional situation then defines its own truth, and important people become the source of truth.

The adult way is for Perceiver facts to build connections between Mercy experiences. This allows the mind to compare the emotions of one experience with another, leading to feelings of value. No single person or book is the source of all truth but everyone learns about truth as he gains Perceiver confidence to handle Mercy feelings within his area of expertise. 

The same thing—in mirror form—applies to angels. The immature angel would lack the mental confidence to carry out his own Server sequences. Instead, he would be mesmerized by Teacher emotions. This sort of angel would naturally operate within a military-like system of hierarchical control, in which Server steps were determined by the Teacher words of important angels.

And who would attract the attention of all these juvenile angels? Lucifer, the angel with the greatest Teacher energy and the brightest personal light: “You had the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering…You were the anointed cherub who covers…Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor.”[PP] If humans would be overwhelmed by this Teacher splendor, imagine how an angel would respond whose physical ‘body’ was wired to process Teacher feelings. According to Christian doctrine, Lucifer dragged along one third of the angels with him when he rebelled against God and became Satan. Whether this number is accurate or not, the Bible is clear that Satan has numerous angels under him. He is their Teacher source, and they worship him and serve him. In human terms, Satan is a ‘teenage rebel’ who became the leader of a gang ruled by emotional status.

Defeating Satan

We can use symmetry to understand why an Infinite God would allow Satan to exist, and how God would defeat him. First, why wouldn’t God just wipe out the Satanic group of ‘teenage rebels’ and start all over again? Because, an independent Satan provides one thing which is absolutely essential to an Infinite God: diversity. Remember that Teacher emotion comes from order within complexity—many things fitting together. An Infinite Being can provide the order, but it is his creatures which generate the complexity. A rebellious Satan may be juvenile, but his very rebellion is a primitive way of adding complexity to the order of God. Similarly, human teenagers may be obnoxious, but they also make life more interesting.

How then can God be certain that Satan’s independence will not lead ultimately to chaos which destroys the order of God? Again, symmetry helps us to understand the answer. Humans can use their physical bodies to move matter around. We can build structures; we can destroy objects; we can build structures that last for thousands of years; we can build objects that fall apart right away. When human minds are ruled by Mercy importance, then humans naturally build objects that don’t last. In contrast, it takes Perceiver logic to create an object that can survive the test of time.

By symmetry, mirror image aliens can build theories. They can move energy around to create intellectual structures. They can literally build ‘castles in the air’. Learning how to build a lasting theoretical structure, though, requires Server thought—which Satan and his worshipping horde of rebel demons lack. Thus, God can be certain that all Satanic structures and hierarchies will eventually collapse.[QQ]

The key word is ‘eventually’. Humans have the ability to hasten this demise. That is because we live in a universe which follows pre-programmed intellectual order, otherwise known as natural law. Unlike angels, we cannot directly build Teacher order. But, if we learn to use Perceiver logic, we can discover the Teacher order which God has built into the universe. And that Teacher order is meant to last over the long-term. Therefore, if a human discovers an aspect of God’s Teacher order and chooses to live by it, then God can replace some of Satan’s juvenile Teacher structure with the lasting structure that the human has discovered.

In order for this to happen, two things must take place: First, the human must demonstrate personal faith in the Teacher order that he has discovered. He must have Perceiver confidence, and this Perceiver belief must extend through Contributor choice to Server actions. Without this personal faith in God, a human has no chance of overcoming Satan. Second, there must be a showdown between the human exhibiting faith and Satanic order. If the human survives this Satanic temptation, then the human acquires a name, a fragment of Satan’s juvenile Teacher structure comes crashing prematurely to the ground, an aspect of God’s eternal Teacher order takes its place, and the human gains spiritual power within this new realm of ex-Satanic structure.[RR] This method also satisfies an Infinite God, for it assures that complexity is never destroyed, but rather that temporary complexity is always replaced with lasting complexity.

The prime Biblical example of this process is the story of Job. At the beginning of the account, Job is portrayed as a righteous man who always follows the ways of God. In our language, his behavior is guided by internal Teacher structure. God then points this out to Satan, and gives Satan permission to tempt Job by removing all of Job’s external supports. Eventually, Job finds himself covered with sores, sitting in agony in an ash heap, verbally attacked by his friends. Despite this, he refuses to curse God. This results in the defeat of Satan, as a core fraction of Satanic juvenile structure comes crashing down and is replaced through the faith of Job.

This leads me to propose the following conclusion: If you want to convince an intelligent creature to change, then you must preserve its ‘physical structure’. A human needs a physical body, an angel requires a name, and an Infinite God needs order within complexity. God allows all of his various creatures to continue existing because each one provides a critical element of complexity within the overall order. If you want to get God’s blessing in defeating some enemy—such as human suffering, or death, or some other universal malady—then you must figure out how to provide that function in a more mature way and then either become the alternative or help to build it. In plain English, it is not enough to ‘curse the darkness’. You must also ‘light a candle’.

Before we continue, I would like to briefly revisit the topic of intellectual property. As usual, we will use symmetry to analyze the subject. Humans live in a physical world. By symmetry, aliens live in a world of theories and concepts. When humans apply rules of physical ownership, they are dividing up the human world of objects and assigning these objects to various humans. However, when humans talk about intellectual property, then they are extending human ownership to the alien realm of concepts and ideas. This is, by definition, an encrosion into alien space.

Whenever you move into someone’s space, you have to deal with the local inhabitants. So, what type of ‘local alien inhabitants’ would current advocates of intellectual property encounter? We can answer this by looking at the behavior of these humans. What do the current human ‘lords of intellectual property’ do with their intellectual property? They create laws of intellectual property that give them the ‘right’ to lord it over other concepts and other people. In general, the present realm of intellectual property is ruled by attitudes of domination and submission.

Which alien group acts in this way? Satan and his angelic followers. As anyone who has attempted to ‘deal’ with Satan knows, he is better at anyone else at misusing laws of intellectual and spiritual property. What happens when one mafia-like group starts invading the ‘turf’ of another? You get a struggle for power. Who do you think will come out on top? The human elite with their lack of internal substance and total absence of spiritual power, or Satan and his hordes with their millennia of experience combined with real spiritual power?

It is possible to overcome Satan if you submit to universal Teacher understanding, practice personal integrity, and follow a path of personal and corporate salvation. Or in Biblical terms, you can overcome Satan if you submit to God, accept truth and call on the name of Jesus. But, what about the ‘elite’ humans who abuse intellectual property? They pursue private gain, even it means destroying universal order. They have no personal integrity, and they do not believe in personal salvation. They may think that they are the ‘biggest fish in the pond’, but if the spiritual world ever intrudes, then they will find themselves out in the open ocean, where they will encounter the true ‘monsters of the deep’.

A similar principle applies to the televangelist and other ‘spiritual teachers’ who misuse religious truth and defraud their flock in order to acquire personal wealth. They too are making a Faustian pact with Lucifer, and he will eventually come to collect. Remember, alien space is based upon equations and domain. When you act like a certain alien, then you automatically fall within his domain and come under his command. Thus, those who act like Satan become the subjects of Satan.

The Mature Angel

We have looked at the juvenile angel mind. Now let us turn our attention to the mature ‘adult’. Here, no single angel would be the source of all Teacher illumination. Instead, dach angel would have his own area of expertise, his own area where he has sufficient Server confidence to perform tasks. And, just as Perceiver confidence makes it possible for humans to love one another and respect each other as individuals, so Server confidence would make it possible for angels to honor and respect the names of other angels and not pretend that one name is automatically more important than another.

This describes the mindset of an adult mirror-image alien. Each angel would be a professional in some area. Every angel would be given freedom within his area of expertise. Together, they would cooperate to carry out a plan. No single angel would rule everyone.

For both humans and angels, it is ultimately Jesus’ plan of birth, death, and resurrection which builds personal value and which turns emotional status into value. As I have mentioned before, what matters for the childish mind—both human and alien—is status. Status is an emotional label that is assigned by people and by environment. If someone is famous, then he has status. If many people say many good things about a person, then he has great status. If he is powerful, then he can use his power to impose his status upon others. Similarly, if a person grows up surrounded by many possessions and comes from a rich country, then he also has emotional status.

Value goes beyond status to look at intrinsic characteristics such as skills, knowledge, wisdom, experience, understanding and above all, personal integrity. The concept of value itself only emerges after a person experiences personal death and resurrection. Each individual, be he human or angel, acquires personal value as he goes through birth, death, and resurrection in some area. Each person is unique; my area of expertise is not the same as yours; I have become valuable and have learned to work with value in a different area than you have. Overall value can only be achieved by combining our various limited areas of expertise. 

In an adult human society, each individual is given freedom to discover his own Perceiver truth. There are two reasons for this. First, humans have learned that you cannot force a person to believe; you cannot use emotional importance to build Perceiver confidence. Second, humans also believe that objective truth exists which can be discovered through the application of logic. Thus, in order to become accepted as an adult member of human society, you must abide by rules that are designed to prevent Mercy importance from taking over, and you must have graduated from a school which taught you how to use logical thought. That is the ideal. When put into practice, it seems to work fairly well.

The angel analog would be as follows: Each mirror-image alien would be given freedom to perform his own Server sequences. First, angels would realize that you cannot give a person Server confidence by ordering him around. Second, angels would believe that there is an abstract standard for righteousness which can be discovered through the application of professionalism. In order to be accepted as an adult member of society, an angel would have to accept that he must not dictate orders to other angels, and he would have to learn how to be a professional. Strangely enough, many UFO accounts talk about the existence of exactly this sort of ‘intergalactic federation’. Meanwhile, charismatic Christians strut around like military officers trying to give orders to angels and demons through the application of ‘spiritual warfare’. No wonder ‘they’ think that we are childish.

I hope that we are starting to see that a simple categorization into ‘angels’ and ‘demons’ is totally inadequate. The actual situation is far more complicated. The only conclusion I can come up with is that, just like humans, angels also are either trying to avoid personal growth or are in the process of being saved. Guiding everything is Jesus’ ultimate plan of birth, death, and resurrection.

If you think that the discussion is already confusing, then hang on. Things are about to get really, really strange.


Let us begin with the frightening before getting into the truly bizarre. How do we humans protect ourselves from each other? We build walls; we use Perceiver facts to separate one set of Mercy experiences from another. The goal is to use Perceiver stability to overwhelm Server confidence, making sure that no Server action can get over, under, through, or around the Perceiver wall. For instance, in order to protect our homes, we close the windows and lock the doors. As long as everything is tightly shut, we feel safe and think that no one can get in. When someone does something bad, then we use the process in reverse. Instead of locking a person out, we lock him in. Countries do the same by putting guards at national borders. Sometimes these guards are meant to keep foreigners out. Other times, their main purpose is to keep the citizens in.

Throughout history there has been a constant struggle between Server actions and Perceiver walls. Walls were constructed to keep people out; catapults were developed to hurl projectiles over walls. Walls were upgraded to fortifications. Cannons were then developed that could blow holes in thick walls. Moving forward in history, the bunker was counteracted by the bunker-busting bomb, and the tank by the armor-piercing projectile. Finally, entire continents were turned into walled fortifications, leading to the development of the ICBM, or inter-continental ballistic missile.

Why do I mention this? Because none of these steps would have any effect upon a mirror-image alien. The person who builds a wall always assumes that Perceiver thought is passive and Server thought is active. However, a mirror-image being would not use Server thought to move. He would not even think in terms of Server actions. Instead, he would simply replace one Perceiver fact with another, just as a normal human changes his plan and carries out a different Server action when his original Server steps are frustrated.

In general terms, a mirror-image alien would have Perceiver power instead of Server strength. Humans can use Server actions to move Mercy matter from one location to another. Aliens, in contrast, would use Perceiver power to change one Mercy experience into another, or to jump from one experience to another.

Humans would see this as teleporting. The alien was there; he is now here. How did he get through the wall? Did he go over it, crawl under it, or blast through it? None of the above. He didn’t do any Server action. Instead, he used Perceiver power to teleport.

How can you prevent such a being from entering your house in the middle of the night and abducting you? How can you stop an alien army from invading your country? You can’t. No Perceiver wall will hold them out. But, we already knew that using Perceiver thought to build walls was an inadequate mental strategy, didn’t we?

Spiritual Judo

So, how do you protect yourself from alien invasion? Before we examine this question, we should first look at what will not work. Remember that alien interaction is never purely mental or purely physical. Instead, it always seems to be a combination of the two. Therefore, I suggest that any defense against aliens that tries to respond externally without having a corresponding internal component will be doomed to fail.

The Bible illustrates this principle. The book of Acts describes an incident in which some people attempted to overcome demons by using an external method while lacking internal content: “But also some of the Jewish exorcists, who went from place to place, attempted to name over those who had the evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, ‘I adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches.’ Seven sons of one Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, were doing this. And the evil spirit answered and said to them, ‘I recognize Jesus, and I know about Paul, but who are you?’ And the man, in whom was the evil spirit, leaped on them and subdued all of them and overpowered them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.”[SS]

This principle really needs to be stated as clearly as possible. Dealing with spiritual realm is like working with high-voltage electricity. Neither can be seen, but both are equally deadly. If you do not know what you are doing and you accidently touch the wrong wire, then you will get electrocuted. Similarly, if you attempt to ‘grab on’ to spiritual power, then you will get spiritually ‘electrocuted’.

The Bible warns against treating the spiritual realm in a cavalier manner: “In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings. But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, ‘The Lord rebuke you!’ Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals—these are the very things that destroy them.”[TT]

This quote contains several important features: First, notice the emphasis upon verbal interaction, consistent with the idea that aliens live within words. The humans in this passage are slandering celestial beings, speaking abusively against what they do not understand. Second, these humans are unaware of Teacher structure; they are rejecting authority and lacking understanding. Third, we see that the proper response should be an appeal to Teacher generality and not an attack upon Teacher order: ‘The Lord rebuke you’. Finally, we notice that people are being driven by imagination to corrupt their physical bodies, when they should be gaining the internal content that leads to the salvation of the body. And, what is the main focus of this paragraph? It is an alien conflict over which spirit will gain possession of a human’s body.

Unfortunately, the most common modern Christian spiritual activity is ‘getting slain in the spirit’, in which some minister with spiritual power attempts to use his gift to ‘zap’ another person and ‘knock him out’ spiritually. This is the spiritual equivalent of using natural electricity to give a person a jolt that will render him unconscious. As an electrical engineer, I can assure you that anyone who made a career out of doing this would face criminal charges.

Those who zap each other spiritually are ‘rushing in where angels fear to tread’. They are ‘dreamers’ who ‘slander celestial beings’ and ‘speak abusively against what they do not understand’. And, in some of the more recent ‘spiritual revivals’, those who ‘receive the spirit’ have literally acted like ‘unreasoning animals’, barking like dogs and making other animals noises.[UU]

Natural electricity is wonderful when it is used cautiously and intelligently. I cannot imagine living without electricity, and I am convinced that a time will come when humans will find it hard to imagine living without the benefits of spiritual power. Back in the 1700s, electricity was viewed as a parlor game. People would build up electrical charges with a leyden jar and then have fun zapping each other with electricity.

Look at how far we have come since then. Our understanding of electricity is far deeper, the amount of electricity that we can generate is incomparably greater, and the gadgets that we energize using electricity are beyond miraculous. Meanwhile, the typical charismatic Christian is back in the 1700s, building up spiritual charges and then using these charges to zap other Christians. If only these worshippers were working with real electricity, then their activities could be regarded as merely childish. But, spiritual power is literally a matter of life or death. Playing around with such power is spiritual insanity. 

In the Biblical passage, the angel Michael fights the devil by saying, ‘The Lord rebuke you’. Instead of focusing directly upon the opponent, this looks at the general structure within which the adversary is operating, and then shows how his actions violate this structure. The human equivalent is judo, in which you defeat an adversary by using natural law to turn his actions against himself. 

Human judo attacks a foe by producing a ‘contradiction’ in Server actions. But, aliens are not capable of Server movement. Thus, I suggest that the angelic version of Judo is the logical contradiction. A contradiction is a Perceiver fact that goes against itself. A Teacher-based being who uses Perceiver power to ‘move’ cannot handle a logical contradiction. It effectively paralyzes him. In human terms, it is like a set of handcuffs that get tighter the more that you struggle against them.

Let me give you an example. The word ‘Satan’ means accuser or adversary. In order to be adversarial, you must have an adversary. If you ever win a battle, then you will longer have any adversary left to accuse. Thus, whenever Satan wins a battle, he automatically loses it. This is a logical contradiction.

One sees precisely this contradiction in the behavior of the revolutionary fighter. All he knows how to do is fight against an enemy. If he ever wins and takes political power, then he must continue to fabricate enemies to fight against. For the communist party member, the revolution is never finished; there is a constant state of revolution. This is by definition adversarial, which is by definition Satanic.

By the same token, the American regime of George W. Bush was also fundamentally Satanic, because essentially every major step that it took was based upon a never-ending war against terrorism. Similarly, any church or religion which takes an adversarial approach to evil is also, by definition, Satanic.

I am doing my best in this book not be Satanic. The Bible describes the antidote: “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”[VV] First, let go of Mercy status. Taking this step will allow you to gain Teacher understanding. Submit to this universal Teacher understanding, and the adversarial attitude will have to leave. This is another example of saying ‘The Lord rebuke you’.

In general, the most important thing to realize when dealing with ‘angelic power’ is that the end never, ever justifies the means. Angels live in equations; they are equations. The angelic realm is built out of ‘means’; the human world contains the ‘ends’. Thus, if you use an adversarial approach to deal with others, then you are applying the equation of Satan. Instantly, by definition, you have teleported yourself into his domain. Satan can never, ever, ever be defeated by treating him as an adversary, because he is the adversary. The more you treat him as the enemy, the more you feed energy to his name.

The ‘angel of death’ is similar. How do you kill death? You can’t. Any attempt to kill death simply energizes it. That is like the guerrilla fighter using terrorism to try to defeat an abusive regime. All he does is add to the terror. Instead, you have to look for an internal Perceiver contradiction: If there is an ‘angel of death’, then he is alive. If he is alive, then he is not death. How can an angel of death be both dead and alive?

So how could a real angel of death survive this mental contradiction? Only by applying the ultimate sequence of birth, death, and resurrection. He then goes through death in order to find lasting life.

Notice that this method of angelic self-defense only works on aliens with internal self-contradictions. In general, this would apply to Satan and his minions, for Satan is called the ‘father of lies’ and a lie is a Perceiver contradiction. If you want to appeal to an angel that possesses Perceiver integrity, then you have to come up with another method.

Before we go on, I would like to mention one more example of ‘spiritual judo’. Most Bible-believing Christians would say with confidence that they accept the Bible, worship an Infinite Personal God, and believe in life-after-death, angels, demons, Truth and other basic Christian doctrines. However, if you examine their lifestyle, you typically find that what they generally serve is the ‘lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastful pride of biological life’. They are materialistic, consumer driven, and act as if nothing exists beyond the grave. Even when they are ‘denying themselves for Jesus’, this is usually interpreted as physical service to those who are materially ‘down and out’. 

This book presents an alternative that is more complete. I have described a Christianity that is based in abstract understanding and not ‘the flesh’, that follows the internal prompting of a Holy Spirit and not the ‘lust of the eyes’, and that includes both the biological and the spiritual. And, I have shown with quote after quote that this type of Christianity is consistent with the Holy Bible.

By pointing out these Perceiver inconsistencies, I may convince some humans to change. I hope that I do. But, I am also focusing my attention upon the spiritual entities which lie behind today’s pseudo-Christianity and give it vitality. They are rooted in mental and spiritual contradiction and it is time for them to be replaced by spiritual beings who accept and practice Truth.

Changing the Variables

Another way of fighting aliens is by changing the variables to their equations. The previous method looked for Perceiver contradictions between the various specific equations of an alien individual. This method accepts all the equations while altering the variables that are placed within these equations.

For humans, such a response is very effective because it submits to an angel where he is strong while challenging him where we are strong. This acknowledges Teacher structure while changing the content that is placed within this structure. This is the method that I am attempting to use in this book. I know that a major episode of reckoning is about to descend upon humanity. That is the equation. At this penultimate time of a few minutes before midnight, there is no point in trying to stop the inevitable. The speeding train of Western civilization is about to plunge over the edge of the cliff into societal chaos. That cannot be changed. But, it may be possible to change the way in which this process is carried out. Maybe the physical train can be changed into a virtual one.

Jesus makes this distinction when talking about his impending betrayal: “The hand of the one betraying Me is with Mine on the table. For indeed, the Son of Man is going as it has been determined; but woe to that man by whom He is betrayed!”[WW] In other words, the equation must be used; the sequence of betrayal will occur and cannot be aborted. But, it is possible to change the specific person who will play the role of betrayer.

This is a way of thinking that leaves room for both human freedom and divine providence. The rebel declares, “I will do it my way.” The fatalist moans, “Who am I to fight against God.” The method of changing variables attempts to express the predetermined sequences of God in a way that is more favorable to man.

Technology does this all the time. Nothing in modern technology violates any of the laws of physics. But, by gathering the right materials together, technology can get the Teacher laws of nature to work together in a way that produces the desires Mercy result. In Biblical language: “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”[XX] If you ‘love God’ by holding on to universal Teacher understanding, and if you follow a plan that submits to universal Teacher understanding, then you can use your understanding to cause things to ‘work together’ to produce good Mercy results.

The parallel goes further: If you want to produce the best physical products, then you must begin with physical purity and physical integrity. Similarly, if you want to produce the best spiritual results, then you must start with personal purity and personal integrity.

In other words, the methods of dealing with aliens which I have outlined are only effective to the extent that you also have personal integrity in the particular area of conflict. Remember that when dealing with the alien realm, Perceiver thought is active, not passive. Asserting a Perceiver fact in which you do not really believe is like trying to lift a heavy weight with a crippled arm. It won’t work. You cannot build with tools that are not solid.

This also explains how these two techniques relate to the classic Christian response of ‘calling on the name of Jesus’. UFO researchers have found that ‘calling on the name of Jesus’ is capable of repelling a hostile bug-eyed alien. However, remember also the story of the seven sons of Sceva. They found that using the name of Jesus as a magic mantra was not enough.

I think that we know by now that God ‘desires truth in the inward parts’. Accepting ‘Jesus into your heart’ makes it possible for a person to stop running away from Perceiver truth and to ‘repent of his sins’. To ‘repent’ means to ‘say along with’. It means to verbally acknowledge the facts about ‘me’. Going further, the one who becomes a Christian is ‘possessed’ by the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth and leads the believer into all Truth.

In non-religious language, truly calling on the name of Jesus inexorably removes Perceiver contradictions from your life and places you within an environment of Perceiver integrity. Such a person instinctively defeats evil by applying the spiritual ‘judo’ of Perceiver contradictions. And, because he himself possesses Perceiver integrity, his spiritual judo is successful.

As for filling angel equations with better human variables, it is the Holy Spirit who gives these Mercy ideas to the practicing Christian. The childish human mind is incapable of seeing beyond his surrounding Mercy idols. It is only as a person goes through Jesus’ path of death and resurrection that he becomes able to see how things could be. If you want to propose a better human variable, then you must first come up with one—and be able to live with it.

Trusting Teleporters

So, is teleporting in the Bible? Of course. After Jesus was resurrected from the dead, he teleported all over the place, walking through closed doors as if they did not exist. The New Testament even describes a teleporting incident involving a disciple of Jesus: “When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing. But Philip found himself at Azotus.”[YY]

As a Perceiver person, I have often imagined how handy it would be to be able to teleport to my destination instead of having to going through the Server steps of dragging my physical body from here to there.

Suppose that a human could teleport? Could he be trusted by others? After all, he would have the power to go anywhere, kill anyone, and steal anything. Since no external walls would contain him, the only thing that would control his behavior is internal Perceiver walls of personal integrity, which would have to be strong enough to survive being tempted by the greatest wealth, the most despicable enemy, or the most beautiful woman. Only then could others trust him and be able to sleep at night with him around.

Now consider the situation from the viewpoint of the one doing the teleporting. What would hold him together as he quantum-leaped from here to there? During the moment of transportation, he would be a disembodied spirit. The only thing that would hold him together is complete personal integrity, extending to every aspect of human function and desire. Thus, the same mental requirements that would permit a human to teleport would also allow him to be trusted with this power by others.

Am I saying that a human with complete personal integrity can teleport? No. While personal integrity may be necessary for teleporting, it is not sufficient. Personal integrity creates the required internal structure; real ‘alien’ power must still be added. Only theory, the words of an ancient book, and the occasional sketchy account indicate that such alien power actually exists.

This does not mean that a teleporting human would never break in and never steal. The same Perceiver truth that builds internal integrity also drives a person very strongly to preserve and restore justice, especially when law itself is being abused to protect the unlawful. Thus, if a person ever did learn how to teleport, then those who use external walls to falsely contain information, objects, or people would feel very threatened, and would do their best to kill this person. However, if he really could teleport, and if he really was aware of personal integrity, then he would be able to sense these threats and escape from them.

We have looked at the type of human that could be trusted with the ability to teleport. We have seen that the same mental content that would make it possible for a human to handle the mental transition of teleporting would also give that human the personal integrity so that he could be trusted with teleporting.

That brings us to a related question. How would humans know what sort of aliens could be trusted? Would there be any obvious sign? I suggest, yes. We can work out the exact answer by using mental symmetry. Is it possible for a human to pick any Teacher theory at random and hold on to this understanding? No. Instead, humans ‘clothe’ their personal identity with general Teacher theories that are consistent with ‘me’. Any Teacher theory that contradicts the behavior of ‘me’ produces feelings of guilt, and no human can handle the emotional pain of long-term guilt. This is why humans rationalize instead of being rational; this is why people create a God in their own image; this is the motivation behind philosophy; this is why people shy away from the theory of mental symmetry and the related concept of cognitive styles. The average person prefers a theory like MBTI®, which takes the mental splits of the childish mind and treats them as fundamental and unchangeable. In contrast, a theory such as mental symmetry makes people uncomfortable because it tells them that they are sinners in need of personal salvation. This is why a description of the theory of mental symmetry must include a method of dealing with feelings of guilt.

Now let us look at the alien analog. By symmetry, a mirror-image alien would not be able to remain with any random Mercy body. Instead, an alien would only feel comfortable working within a physical form that was consistent with his Teacher method of operation. Thus, humans could tell how an alien would treat them simply looking at his physical appearance. One glance would be all it would take.[ZZ]

So, what sort of behavior would make an alien compatible with humanity? This answer is also very easy to work out. Any alien that used Perceiver thought to deal with Mercy experiences could be trusted, while an alien that tried to ignore Perceiver facts and Perceiver objects would respond in the same way to the Perceiver object of a human body. Similarly, any alien that used Server actions to move around in the physical universe could also be expected to give humans the freedom of physical movement. In contrast, an alien which did not use Server action would try to stop humans from moving around. Finally, an alien which appeared as an individual would also respect human individuality, whereas one that looked like a clone of other aliens would also suppress human individual differences.

The popular image of aliens is of a group of small creatures that all look like clones of one another, with huge bug-like eyes and weak spindly limbs. Human vision uses eye movement to scan a visual scene one object at a time, and then uses mental processing to build up a mental picture of what object is where. A bug-eyed alien is incapable of visual scanning. Instead, he tries to pull in the entire visual scene at once as a complete Mercy image, ignoring Perceiver differences between one object and another. Similarly, an alien with spindly limbs is incapable of physical movement, because he lacks the muscles that are needed to move his body around. Instead, he attempts to ‘glide’ his way from one physical location to another, trying to ignore physical objects such as walls and tables and floors.[AAA] Finally, when one alien looks just like another, then obviously human personal differences are not going to be respected.

And that is exactly what we find. According to reports, bug-eyed, spindly-limbed aliens do not respect human privacy or personal rights. Instead, they invade homes in the middle of the night and abduct human victims. The first thing they do when encountering a human is to paralyze him physically, and their ‘medical procedures’ appear to care nothing about either personal integrity or physical pain, and often involve some form of sexual abuse. In other words, they act like they look.

But why would they insist upon paralyzing their human subjects? For the same reason that alien teleporting brings fear to humans. Each is terrified of movement by the other, because this movement bypasses natural defenses by ‘teleporting’ around them. This explains why aliens use Perceiver power to freeze humans and prevent them from moving. If a human frees himself from this psychic straitjacket, then the alien flees. This halting of physical movement extends to the surrounding animal life. Not only is the human victim paralyzed, but animals also seem to be unnaturally silent during an encounter.

One concludes that bug-eyed, spindly-limbed aliens cannot be trusted. It is part of their very nature to abuse humans and to belittle human emotions. As we have seen throughout this book, human Mercy feelings and alien Teacher emotions are naturally antagonistic toward one another. When the mind is immature, then each of these feelings regards the other literally as an alien nightmare. The only bug-eyed alien that could be trusted in any way by humans is one that is ashamed to be seen by humans, because this shame indicates that the alien is at least feeling guilty about its inhuman nature.

This leads one to an even stronger conclusion: Bug-eyed, spindly-limbed aliens need to die. Any time a human sees such an alien, his goal should be to destroy the alien’s body. This may sound like the utmost in racism, but there is deep logic behind this statement. Remember that a mirror-image being has no physical body. He has a Teacher name. When you destroy the physical container of a mirror-image alien, you are not attacking the alien himself. You are merely freeing him from his inhuman Mercy ‘philosophy’. If you really want to be cruel to a mirror-image alien, then you demand to know his name and start abusing him verbally. For a human, ‘sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me’ may be true, but the alien version is ‘words may hurt my messages but sticks and stones will never hurt me.’

One of the main themes of this book is that it is far better for a human to experience mental death than it is for him to die physically. That is because the human who dies mentally can come back to life again, whereas coming back to life after physical death is a much more difficult proposition. A mirror-image alien would find himself in the opposite situation. Attacking his name is like physically threatening a human. It is far more humane[BBB] to destroy the physical body of an alien than it is to destroy his name. Aliens may know how to regenerate bodies, but they are quite incapable when it comes to changing names. I know that this sounds bizarre, but theory predicts that it is just as difficult for an angel to replace his message as it is for a human to replace his body. Without the help of God, it cannot be done.

Thus, as far as a mirror-image alien is concerned, the blind faith fundamentalist is like an axe-wielding mass murderer, because he tries to destroy any name that is opposed to the name of his religion. Throughout this book, I have done my best to avoid this attitude. Instead of attacking names, I have attempted to clarify them, by removing internal inconsistencies and placing them within a valid context. What does make me angry is one name masquerading as another, or a name that pretends to be great but is in fact nothing.

Apparently, bug-eyed, spindly-limbed aliens also realize the limitations of their physical containers, because it appears that they are attempting to breed human-alien hybrids which combine alien powers with human appearance. Does this solve the problem? Superficially, yes; fundamentally, no. That is because cross-breeding uses external means to attempt to solve an internal problem. The fundamental problem is not the body of the alien, but rather his mindset. His physical appearance is merely the symptom of an inhuman way of thinking. Putting an alien mind within a human body actually produces a huge mental contradiction because it combines an anti-human mindset with a pro-human physical container.

Such a combination is very vulnerable to ‘spiritual judo’. All one has to do to defend against such hybrid invaders is to mentally assert the contradiction between internal and external. Of course, this assumes that the human holding on to this Perceiver fact himself has a mindset this is consistent with his physical body. And, almost no human does. Rather, the split between Introverted and Extraverted is one of the four basic MBTI® divisions, and is the split that is the hardest for humans to tackle, which can only be dealt with after integrating the other three mental divisions. Instead, the typical human also combines a human body with a mindset that does not care about the human body: The hedonist looks for short term pleasure and ignores the long term effects that this has upon his physical body; the objective scientist believes that personal life ends at the grave and embraces a philosophy of physical annihilation; the blind faith Christian is convinced that physical pleasure is evil; the Buddhist meditator approaches alien life by emptying his mind of all Perceiver content; the soldier makes a profession of killing human bodies and destroying physical structures. Among such humans, cross-bred human-alien hybrids would be able to move about freely, because they embody exactly the same contradiction between internal and external. Only a human who had integrated MBTI® Introverted and Extraverted would force the human-alien hybrid to face the mental abomination that he actually is.

So, should all human-alien hybrids be forced to die physically? I think not. At some point, a line is crossed where such a person becomes more human than alien. Therefore, when a being looks human, then he should be treated as a human. For this sort of person, it is less painful to change his Teacher name than it is to replace his Mercy body.  

“But surely such hybrids are demonic soul-less abominations that deserve to be destroyed.” No. Our basic premise is that all intelligent beings have the same mind and are subject to the same God. If a human can be saved by Jesus, and if an alien can be saved by the same Jesus, then human-alien hybrids are also worthy of personal salvation. You don’t condemn a human for being a mixture of two different races. Instead, inter-racial children have both unique difficulties and unusual opportunities. The very fact that they find it harder to fit in means that they have a greater chance of experiencing personal transformation. More than anyone else, a human-alien hybrid would be driven to search for personal salvation, because his very existence would embody the conflict between Teacher and Mercy emotions. The Bible repeatedly says that God has mercy on the alien, the fatherless, and the widow. The Bible may be referring to a different sort of ‘alien’, but the underlying meaning is still there.

Reconciling Humans and Aliens

Does this mean that intelligent interaction between us and them is impossible? No. Instead, I suggest that it is possible to resolve the inherent conflict between humans and aliens. Going further, I suggest that the same process that brings peace between man and God will also bring peace between man and alien.  This is because both problems involve the relationship between Mercy and Teacher thought: Interacting with mirror-image aliens means reconciling finiteMercy feelings with finite Teacher feelings; finding peace with God means reconciling finite Mercy feelings with universal Teacher emotions.

What then is the relationship between finite and universal Teacher emotion? We can work this out by comparing it with the relationship between finite and universal Mercy feelings. Finite Mercy feeling is the normal human emotion that is generated by the physical body. Universal Mercy feeling is the emotion provided by the spirit; it is the general feeling that occurs when people love one another. As I have pointed out, the human world is currently under the control of two incompatible spirits: There is the spirit of this world, which comes about when childish humans interact externally. The glue which holds this spirit together is a mixture of love and need. The childish mind loves those who are like ‘me’ but needs those who are different. Thus, the king may despise his slaves, but he also needs them. One tribe may hate another tribe, but they still need to trade with each other.

The Holy Spirit, in contrast, is held together solely by love. This sort of love can only exist within an environment of Perceiver confidence. Perceiver thought finds similarities between ‘me’ and other people, guides the interaction by a set of common Perceiver rules, and builds a set of common values which allows people to pick the best of each culture. A partial illustration is provided by the Canadian ideal of ‘multiculturalism’. Unlike the United States, Canada is not a cultural ‘melting pot’. Instead, it is more like a cultural stew, governed by the rules of multiculturalism. The premise is that everyone will be happy if each cultural group is given the freedom to live the way that it desires.

Canadian history shows that this works if each culture respects the other cultures, agrees to live by the rules, and submits to a common set of values. The system breaks down when one particular culture tries to mold the rules to fit its own Mercy idols or manipulates the system by refusing to operate by the values of society.

Canadian multiculturalism could be viewed as a blend of European nationalism and American Christian culture. This juxtaposition is built into the Canadian nation. Canada began its existence with two distinct languages and cultures—French and English. Thus, it has always been a miniature version of Europe with its many languages and cultures.

However, Canadian government owes its structure to British concepts of law and order. It is a young nation that still possesses to some extent the pioneer spirit of its founders. Dealing with physical nature forces an individual to go beyond personal status and to learn common sense. Finally, unlike the United States, Canada has never experienced any major civil war or revolution. Canada acquired its independence gradually, and its military has focused its efforts upon peacekeeping rather than war making.

The typical European sees Canada as being tainted by the American concept of ‘God and country’, while to the American, it feels too much like post-Christian, godless Europe. The real solution, of course, is to build the Perceiver confidence that is needed to truly combine the rule of law with cultural freedom. Only time will tell whether Canada—and other similar nations—will achieve this, or whether they will slip back under the waves into Mercy idolatry.

By analogy, finite and universal Teacher feelings could only be bridged if Server confidence were used to tie together the conflicting names of various angel ‘cultures’. This is similar to the struggle that occurs when human experts in competing ‘schools of thought’ try to interact. Each school of thought has its intellectual founder, its Teacher name under which it operates, and its personal source of Teacher understanding. As the history of philosophy and psychology demonstrate, schools of thought do not get along. And yet, they are still forced to learn from each other, because they realize that the other side may know something that they do not.

Was there a period in human history when angel cultures fought? Yes. Before the time of Christ, each nation had its own god. The intellectual struggles which occur between rival schools of thoughts took physical form, and conflicts between nations were seen as struggles between competing gods. However, no single nation or god could claim that it was unique. Instead, each national god had to interact with other national gods. This intense family rivalry is brought out clearly by Greek and Roman myths about their pantheon of Gods. Similar stories exist in other civilizations of the time.

Is there anything to all of these myths? I don’t know. However, we can conclude that the typical angel back then was childish. There was no angel ‘multiculturalism’. There was no angelic ‘Holy Spirit’, and humans did not believe in a single God. Remember that when dealing with mirror-image existence, a human God corresponds to an angel Holy Spirit, because both use Server confidence to integrate Teacher words and theories.

The coming of Jesus to earth provided the ultimate angelic example. He was ‘the word made flesh’; he added human Sensing to angelic iNtuition. Living in a human body forced Jesus to develop Server confidence. But, as I have mentioned before, his human Server actions were always guided by his general Teacher understanding of God: “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner.”[CCC]

Did this cosmic culture change after the death and resurrection of Jesus? On the human side, only partially. Christianity was founded, which became a world religion and led to the birth of Western civilization. Christianity affected Sensing and iNtuition in two major ways: First, monotheism became a universally recognized concept. Judaism may have been the first to preach the concept of monotheism, but it has always struggled with the inherent contradiction between a Jewish God and a universal God.[DDD] In Christianity, the concept of monotheism finally became free of the shackles of tribalism.

Second, doing and theorizing started to come together. As long as these two remain separate, it is impossible for Server thought to give stability to Teacher understanding. In Roman times, physical labor was the domain of slaves and lower classes. For the upper classes, the primary acceptable occupations were politician and lawyer. Thus, those who lived within MBTI® iNtuition avoided Sensing completing, while those who lived in Sensing were despised by those who used iNtuition and completely excluded from power. A similar state of affairs existed in India with its caste system of intellectual Brahmins at the top and working Shudras at the bottom.

Here too Judaism had blazed the trail. Every Jew was expected to learn a profession and study the Torah; he was supposed to use both Sensing and iNtuition. However, the ultimate caste distinction between Jew and non-Jew still remained. Jews had the inside track to the Instructions of God, and their national path was guided by the Hand of God. Thus, the Jews lived in iNtuition, leapfrogging through history courtesy of the power of the Almighty, while looking down their collective noses at the other tribes who struggled along in Sensing.

Christianity eventually broke down both these barriers: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to promise.”[EEE] While these words did not turn into reality overnight, one very noteworthy example was established early on in the history of Christianity.

St. Benedict was the founder of Western Christian monasticism, which had a profound effect upon early Western civilization. The motto of St. Benedict was Ora et Labora: work and pray. Benedictine monks were expected to combine spiritual activity with physical labor, and the monasteries which he founded were a major step forward from the Roman slave plantations which they replaced. Thus, he and his followers combined Sensing with iNtuition. Today, these two are intimately connected, at least within the objective, for science and technology have taught us that all manner of amazing gadgetry can be produced by a society that integrates the iNtuition of science with the Sensing of technology.

This is what happened on earth. However, the Bible says that God gave Jesus a name that is above every other name, and Jesus himself said that his kingdom was not of this world. This indicates that the real integration between Sensing and iNtuition occurred in the alien realm and that what happened here on earth was only a spillover.

This idea about angels going through developmental stages is consistent with other tales. We have all heard about elves, dwarves, and other mythological creatures. Supposedly, they lived on earth in hidden places in the distant past, but were forced to leave because of the development of modern human technology. For instance, elves lived among trees, but could be killed with ‘iron weapons’. In a similar vein, a certain form of ‘magik’ was supposedly possible during the Victorian era of steam and cast-iron machinery which can no longer exist in today’s modern world.

All of this speculation has a consistent underlying theme. Whenever human society combines Teacher understanding with personal Mercy feelings, then some sort of visitation from ‘there’ to ‘here’ is possible. Whenever human society develops a new form of impersonal technology, then that ‘doorway’ is closed and a new one only opens when the new human technology acquires personal overtones. Thus, we see again that aliens provide the Teacher ‘equations’, whereas human personal experiences provide the ‘variables’. When the human personal element is absent, then there is only ‘math’—the alien equations are still there, but they are not filled with any human variables.

For instance, a naturalistic view of nature would lead to ‘dwarves’ and ‘elves’, while the development of metal-working would lead to a human paradigm shift that left no room for such creatures. Likewise, Victorian technology was personal enough to provide an opening from there to here, but this was closed with the emergence of mass production. Today, the door is opening again and aliens are appearing as UFOs.

In a similar vein, the human concept of ‘elves’ and ‘dwarves’ has also changed over the years. Our idea of an elf, for example, has been strongly molded by the writings of famous authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien. This might actually change the appearance and nature of ‘real’ elves because it would alter human understanding and thus change the human ‘variable’ which filled the alien ‘equation’.

I have mentioned that messengers provide the Teacher ‘equations’ while humans fill these equations with Mercy ‘variables’. Among other things, this means that it is very easy to assign the wrong human ‘variables’ to alien communication. For example, I recently read a book about ‘alien psychology’ written by someone who claimed to have established extended telepathic communication with aliens. Much of what he wrote made sense, describing beings who base their existence upon Teacher feelings of order and structure, and who place no lasting importance upon Mercy emotions.

However, throughout his book was the underlying thread that some aliens belong to civilizations which came to birth during the time of the current universe, while other more ancient aliens are members of civilizations which began during a previous universe, before ‘the big bang’. These ancient aliens supposedly have a lifespan lasting millions of human years.

Analyzing such an account leaves us with three possibilities: First, we can conclude that it is total garbage. But, the general description is consistent with whole concept of mirror-image aliens, which makes it difficult to write off everything. Second, we can accept the words at face value. But, does it really make sense to think that a person would allow his behavior to be motivated by an event that occurred thousands of generations previously? That would be like saying that I was basing my personal life upon a disaster that occurred 50,000 years ago. Humans have difficulty holding on to a concept for more than a few generations. Maintaining a societal tradition for billions of years seems utterly preposterous.

The third possibility is that the overall sequence is correct, but the timescale is completely wrong. In other words, the Teacher equations are right, but the Mercy variables are not. Has alien life gone through major cycles in which their entire existence was called into question? Yes. As far as we can tell, the incarnation of Jesus turned the alien universe upside down. Similarly, beings which lived in words would have found an episode such as the Tower of Babel extremely disruptive with its division of human speech into various languages. Thus, when a human writer talks about an alien civilization which began ‘before the big bang’, he may actually be referring to an alien society which started before the coming to earth of Jesus the incarnation. The alien Teacher equation would be the same, but the human variables would be totally different.

Incidentally, that same book suggests that a cabal of humans is attempting to create chaos in human society so that humans will be forced to look to aliens for salvation, and that the goal of these alien ‘saviors’ is to destroy human individuality and assimilate humans into the greater consciousness of alien society. This is just another way of saying that demons are using human servants to destroy civilization so that they can take over and turn human existence into hell on earth. It may be entertaining when the Borg in science fiction tell humans that ‘Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.’ However, imagine what it would really be like to be assimilated within a vast, inhuman structure. If you want to visualize this, take today’s society, multiply it by a factor of ten, and then energize it with alien life forms. 

Alien Invasion

Let us return now to our main discussion. In order to tie together finite Teacher emotion with universal Teacher emotion, one has to integrate Sensing with iNtuition. We have just established that the death and resurrection of Jesus did exactly this for mirror-image aliens. This means that solving the split between finite Mercy and finite Teacher turns into the same problem as bridging finite Mercy with infinite Teacher, because the conflict between finite Teacher and infinite Teacher has already been resolved by the first coming of Jesus.[FFF]

In other words, the theory of mental symmetry predicts that fixing Christianity will also solve the threat of alien invasion. Deal with the one and you will automatically deal with the other. Therefore, it makes sense for a single book to present a unified general theory that analyzes both Christianity and alien life.

Let us look at this from another viewpoint. What happened when Europeans ‘discovered’ the New World? They conquered it and colonized it. That is because the interaction was basically one-sided. Europe had gone through the renaissance while the New World had not. In other words, the Europeans had, to some extent, integrated Sensing and iNtuition while the New World had not. The end result was that most Native Americans died of ill treatment and disease, and the wealth of the Aztecs and Incas was plundered and taken back to Europe.[GGG] For Africa, the situation was even worse. Europeans took advantage of African tribal conflicts, enslaved millions of black Africans, and put them to work on inhuman plantations, so that they would produce raw materials for their European overlords.

If that happened on earth, imagine what would occur if real aliens invaded earth—aliens who have completely bridged Sensing with iNtuition. Christians like to think that angels ‘have no soul’ and ‘cannot be saved’, and are confident that the ‘name of Jesus will save them’ from every spiritual power. But, what do you suppose the aliens think about humans? If they have really, truly integrated Sensing and iNtuition, then it is highly possible that the gap between them and us is even greater than it was between Europe and native Africa.

My premise is that aliens have the same minds as humans. If Europeans enslaved Africans, would not aliens do the same to humans? And, even if they are enlightened enough not to turn us all into slaves, the humans who are calling for their help certainly aren’t.

The actual situation is even worse. Not only have they have personally progressed, but we humans have personally regressed. Humans live in physical bodies within a material universe. The human MBTI® splits are Thinking and Feeling, together with Perceiving and Judging. Mirror-image angels live in names within a universe composed of energy. The personal splits for them are Sensing and iNtuition, along with Introverted versus Extraverted. While they have turned into super-beings by integrating Sensing and iNtuition, we have turned into idiots with high-tech toys and weapons by separating Thinking from Feeling.

For instance, we put satellites into space so that we can broadcast soap operas into every person’s home. We build amazing computers and connect them into a world-wide network so that we can share personal gossip and download pornography. We build billion dollar airplanes that can evade radar in order to drop bombs on people from opposing tribes. If that sort of insanity is perpetrated when Server and Teacher thought deal with things and laws of nature, imagine what would happen if an entire race of beings showed up on the scene that actually lived within Server and Teacher thought. It would be like building the worst possible prison for yourself and then turning over the keys to the ideal torturing jailers.

Is it any wonder that the Biblical book of Revelation says that angel intervention on earth leads to a Great Tribulation full of unimaginable horrors for humans? The theory of mental symmetry says the same thing.

Let me rephrase this one more time. The alien world of Teacher and Server contains the equations. We humans provide the variables. The equations have been developing for millennia, while the variables are stuck in the dark ages. This is literally true. The mathematical equations of science and technology have multiplied beyond the ability of any one human to comprehend them all. Meanwhile, we have remained emotional children, unable to deal with even the most basic personal issues. If aliens were to show up, then this would become more than literally true. It would be like super-human living alien robots ruling over primitive savage humans. However we put it, we end up with hell on earth.

Turning Back the Aliens

The solution is to offer them something that they are incapable of producing, which can only be constructed if they allow humans to remain independent, and to present this offer to them in a way that they comprehend completely.

So what do we have that they do not? Human technology? Heavens, no. They have integrated iNtuition and Sensing far more completely than we. Humans have experience. We know what it is like to live in physical bodies in a material universe. They do not. Nobody knows more about living in a material world than we humans on earth.

How do I know that this is the case? Because Jesus, the incarnation of God, came to earth to be born, die and be resurrected. If there were any other place where the inhabitants were more materially bound, Jesus would have gone there. But, he came here, because earth is the toughest place for an angel to survive. If he could ‘do the will of the Father’ here, then he could do it anywhere. It is possible that, by now, mirror-image aliens have colonized other planets in the human universe. But earth still appears to be the ultimate cosmic laboratory.

Which MBTI® split is the one which affects humans most personally? It is the division between Thinking and Feeling. We live in bodies that fill our minds with Feeling, and occupy a physical world that teaches us about Thinking. For mirror-image aliens, this division is merely an abstract discussion. For us, it is a matter of life and death. What better place for tackling this issue than right here on earth. Maybe that is why the aliens stay on the fringes and don’t invade us. On the one hand, they view us as total savages. On the other hand, they know that our savage ghetto has the potential of producing an incredible treasure.

What sort of treasure? Alien ‘science and technology’. Human science and technology emerged when humans started to bring Sensing and iNtuition together. By symmetry, bridging Thinking and Feeling would help aliens to discover their own version of science and technology.

But, aren’t UFOs supposed to be ultra-high tech? No. That is because personal development on one side would appear like technology to the other. They have gone through their version of personal transformation, and that transformation appears to humans as technology. This explains why UFO writers often talk about alien ships being in some way ‘alive’. Their life is our technology. When we try to reproduce this ‘technology’, it takes incredibly complex calculations which human computers are barely able to carry out. And yet, aliens seem to be able to make these computations instinctively and naturally. Why? Because their ‘bodies’ and their ‘universe’ naturally function in that direction. What to us is bizarre math, to them is as obvious as the nose in front of their face.

Going the other way, it appears that they are incredibly crippled at performing mental calculations which for us are totally obvious. Many UFO accounts describe aliens as being spatially inept. We live in space, and spend our entire lives using our physical bodies to move through space. They seem to do silly things like put abductees back in their cars upside down, or replace their clothes inside out. When they want to fly from one physical location to another, they often travel along power lines, looking for ‘lines of energy’ in the same way that humans orient themselves with physical landmarks. And, in order to keep track of their human subjects, they have to insert some sort of ‘magnetic tracking device’ into human earlobes so that they can find them again.

By now, I have probably mentioned enough strange alien concepts to run the risk of being dismissed as a ‘nut case’. However, if logic can be used to analyze Christian doctrine, and if the strange beliefs of Christianity can be tied together in the form of a rational integrated theory, then why not apply the same approach and use the same theory to analyze the supernatural?

“But, the whole topic of UFOs seems to attract such strange people.” Did the presence of strange Christians stop us from analyzing Christianity? Something is out there and the theory of mental symmetry is the only rational explanation that I have found which seems to explain that something.

Let us return to our main thread. If mirror-image aliens are mentally crippled at working with Perceiver objects and Mercy experiences, if humans find this so easy, if integrating Thinking and Feeling means dealing with objects and experiences, and if integrating these two will lead to ‘science and technology’ for aliens, then they have a vested interest in being nice to us and not invading us.

All that remains is to give humans the tools that are needed to integrate Thinking and Feeling and to describe this in a form that aliens can comprehend. Hence, this book. We know now that bridging Thinking and Feeling requires a rational general Teacher theory of human personality, which this book contains. Stating this in Christian terms, having law in your heart requires a belief in God. And, if aliens live in a realm of words, then they, better than any human, should grasp what is being written here.

But how could any intelligent creature be so stupid that it would not even know how to walk from here to there? Let me answer this by referring to artificial intelligence, a branch of science which attempts to use computers to generate intelligent thought. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to use computers to replicate human thought.

Back in the early days of AI research, scientists focused on writing computer programs that would do intellectual tasks such as proving mathematical theorems or playing chess. The thinking was that if they could manage to program computers to perform things that humans find difficult, then it would be simple to program computers to do tasks which humans find easy. Not so. The most difficult tasks for a computer to perform are precisely the ones which we humans find so easy that we do them thousands of times a day without thinking. Writing a computer program to play chess is fairly simple. Programming a computer so that it can look at a room and decide that it contains a table and some chairs and that there are two oranges and an apple on the table is much more difficult.

We humans live in a biological computer that is designed to perform object recognition. The same Creator gave mirror-image aliens ‘bodies’ that are designed to recognize and process waves and equations. All of us have received grace from God, but human grace is not the same as alien grace. However, if each is willing to learn from the other in the area where the other is naturally strong, then together we can do more than we could by ourselves, and together we can come to a more complete understanding of who God really is. That is the whole premise of cognitive styles. The Perceiver person, for instance, does not write off the Mercy person and refuse to learn from him. Instead, each person learns from other cognitive styles in order to develop his mind to the fullest.

Space and Time

Let us move on now to the next aspect of our discussion about mirror-image aliens. Remember the eight assumptions which we mentioned at the beginning of this section? So far, we have focused upon the differences involving Teacher and Mercy thought, looking at finite versus infinite and the Teacher and Mercy feelings that go along with this.

It is now time for us to plunge into the depths of strangeness and look at the symmetry of space and time. This is the sort of thing that physicists like to do, and while I only have an undergraduate level understanding of physics, hopefully I can do the topic justice.

Everything that I have said so far about alien life has been from a human perspective. While we have talked about Teacher names and Teacher ‘bodies of energy’, we have still examined this topic from a human, spatial viewpoint. Instead of describing mirror-image aliens as they would appear to themselves, I have explained how they would appear to us.

What is responsible for initially programming our minds? Our five physical senses. Thus, our entire grasp of reality is based upon this input. But, what would happen to our thinking, for instance, if we could sense magnetic field? Birds can, and they use this sense to guide them as they migrate. Now stretch your thinking even further and try to grasp a being whose mind is hooked up to a wideband radio receiver. In the same way that we can use our eyes to focus on various physical objects, so he would be able to use his ‘brain receiver’ to tune in to any sort of electro-magnetic wave, be it radio, television, light, or X-ray. The average human doesn’t even know that these are all the same thing, while the radio-equipped alien would be able to scan instantly from one to another, and would find it just as easy to distinguish between these various channels and identify them as a human finds it trivial to glance at a room and visually pick out everything that is in it.

Now go even further and imagine that this alien being is blind, deaf, cannot taste, cannot touch, and is totally paralyzed. Instead, this being has the ability to manipulate energy by having mental control over a radio transmitter that is able to generate all manner of radio and light waves. Finally, pretend that ‘body’ of this alien is not just able to analyze and produce radio waves, but can also travel along radio waves and move between them. That is what a mirror-image alien would be like.

I recently read an article on UFOs and aliens written by a person who claimed to be part of a team that captured aliens and their artifacts. This person stated that humans could only sneak up on aliens if the humans turned off all electronic equipment, including radios, digital cameras, and even digital watches. Doing this would made humans ‘invisible’ to aliens. The writer then stated that this general principle was followed by all alien hunting teams throughout the world. In other words, it appears that mirror-image aliens really do sense electromagnetic waves, and do not possess human senses. 

But, we are still looking at the alien from a human perspective. We are still stretching our minds to try to grasp what he is like. When a human thinks of a wave, he thinks about it as something that changes over time. For instance, it takes time to listen to a musical song or a verbal speech. We start at the beginning and go to the end. An angel, in contrast, would see the whole wave at once, just as humans see an entire object at once.[HHH] As far as our wave transceiver alien being is concerned, a wave would be an object. What we see as a wave, he would see as an object. Thus, while humans would see aliens as ‘balls of energy’, it is quite possible that they would view each other as ‘physical objects’.

The opposite would also be true. Aliens would see physical objects as waves which occurred over time. This would mean that we would look to them like strange inter-dimensional creatures. In their ‘eyes’, we definitely would not ‘look’ human.

Huh? I told you it was bizarre. But, I can provide an illustration, albeit a slightly technical one. When we watch television, we think that we are seeing pictures, but that is actually not the case.[III] Instead, an electron beam is drawing the picture one line at a time, 15750 lines every second. This beam starts at the top of the tube and works its way down to the bottom, just like the words in a book work their way down the page. Every 60th of a second, this electron beam finishes drawing half the picture and then returns back to the top to draw the other half. Whenever a phosphorescent dot on the screen is hit by this stream of electrons, it glows for a fraction of a second. Our brain stitches together these momentary flashes of light to form a single moving picture.

That is how a mirror-image alien would view space. Just like that electron beam, he would have to scan physical objects one line at a time in order to grasp what was where.

The idea of viewing time as space is also illustrated by written music. When you play music or listen to it, you hear a sequence of notes that occur over time. But, a written sheet of music puts this time sequence in spatial form. By looking at the music, you can ‘see’ the whole piece at once. That is how a mirror-image alien would view time.

It gets even stranger. For humans, time is a one-way flow. Humans cannot travel through time. Instead, they travel through space. By symmetry, aliens would be able to travel through time but not space. But, they wouldn’t see it that way. As far as they were concerned, they would be living in ‘space’ and would be forced to move through ‘time’. The flip would only occur when moving between here and there. What is space for us would appear to them as time, while what is time for them would appear to us as space.

If that makes sense to you, then please explain it to me. I barely understand what I am saying. I mention it for three reasons: First, this is what the theory of mental symmetry predicts. Second, physicists talk about exactly this sort of bizarre thing happening at extreme quantum levels. Third, UFO accounts repeatedly say that aliens have the ability to travel backwards and forwards through time.

The Bible also indicates clearly and repeatedly that angels have the ability to see through time. That is because the Bible is full of prophecy—statements about the human future given to humans made by supernatural beings that can see into the human future.

Quantum Uncertainty

Does this mean that I could go back in time and alter history by marrying my grandmother or murdering Alexander the Great? I have tried to work this out logically and have come to the following conclusions. I am not sure that this material is totally correct, but it is the best that I can come up with at this time.[JJJ]

When you live within the alien universe, then you can move through time as easily as humans can move through space, so easily that you think of time as space. Thus, aliens live in a universe constructed out of possible pasts and futures.

Now let us add the human dimension. Alien movement would appear to aliens as normal spatial movement. Viewed by humans from a human perspective, it would look like random jumping to and fro through human time. If aliens visited earth, then they would be able to do just that—jump randomly back and forth through human time. But, at each point in time that they encountered which did not correspond to their ‘now’, they would only be able to observe. If an alien encountered a human mind that was receptive to it, communication between the two would be possible. The alien would then be able to track the growth of that human, guided by their common thread of mental growth. Physical interaction, though, would only be possible with human objects or people that were about to be destroyed.

In other words, it appears that alien—or human—time travel cannot disrupt the facts of human history. However, if a historical object, animal or person becomes detached from the flow of history, if it is killed, burned up, or in some way annihilated, then it becomes accessible to the time traveler who is visiting the past. In other words, you can rescue people and objects from the past, but you cannot change the facts of history.

As for visiting the future, my guess is that returning from the future would only be possible if the future remained in some way ambiguous. If you did not know exactly who was talking to you, or exactly how they were doing things, then you could visit the future, interact with it, and return to the present. However, if this future of possibilities ever became too certain, then the future would become your new present and you would be unable to return to what would now be your past.

The actual situation may be different, but as far as I can tell, this is the only type of time travel that would preserve human mental sanity, and an Infinite God would be very concerned about preserving the sanity of his creatures, because they are the ones who add finite complexity to his universal existence. Imagine what would happen if humans really could change the facts of human history. Nothing would be solid—and I do mean absolutely nothing. Everything would be forever open to revision; no fact of history would ever be settled. The utter horror of this possibility is so unthinkable that I can only imagine it occurring within hell. However, if space and time are truly related, and if the Infinite God resides outside of both space and time, then it makes sense that some sort of time travel would be possible. 

This does not necessarily mean that each possible choice creates its own universe. Some scientists have looked at quantum mechanics and have come up with the conclusion that there is an infinity of universes, but I don’t think that that is necessary. You only need two universes—as long as one is orthogonal to the other.

The restriction would arise when moving from one universe to the other. Once an event occurs in the human universe, it turns solid and cannot be undone. It may still be able to be observed from the other side, but it can no longer be manipulated. However, if an object is ever destroyed, then it becomes ‘unsolid’ and can be changed from the future.

Let me say this again: Humans could go to the past and observe it. But, they could only change the past if it were about to be destroyed and could no longer affect history. So, if a lady from the 1800s was about to die, and if she had no more chance to interact with any other living human, then a UFO from the present could travel back in time and abduct her. No. I am not making this up. This describes almost verbatim what I read somewhere in some UFO account.

This also explains what happens when a person dies. Once a human loses the ability to affect things physically, he then enters the universe of possibilities, where he begins to interact consciously with angels and other aliens. Similarity, this also helps us to understand why UFO creatures show up in waking dreams and abhor being seen by humans. Seeing a UFO nails it down. No longer can its occupant travel freely. Instead, the certainty of human sight locks the alien creature into a specific time and place. However, as long as a sighting remains ambiguous, the associated aliens would retain their freedom of movement.

A similar ambiguity would exist if one alien looked like another alien. Humans would know that an event occurred but would not know which individual alien had participated in that particular event. This may be why aliens so often seem to look like clones of one another. Maybe they are trying to maintain quantum uncertainty. 

The same thing seems to operate in reverse. Humans who gain a glimpse of the other side often describe it as a time of ultimate certainty, in which they grasp that everything has been predetermined and that there is no freedom. What may be happening is that they too are getting locked into a mindset by being ‘observed’ by aliens.

If that isn’t strange, I don’t know what is. No wonder humans recoil in horror when faced with the other side. And yet, by symmetry, its occupants would find humans to be equally terrifying. Do you see now why aliens would want to leave humans alone? We have the tools for tackling Thinking and Feeling; we can integrate Perceiver and Mercy thought. To them this is alien strangeness. To us, it is daily life.

Of course, that assumes that we humans do not blow ourselves up or destroy Earth in some other way. If that ever were about to happen, then I am sure that beings from the other side would step in. In fact, if what I am saying about quantum possibility is true, then the threat of impending disaster would create precisely the type of uncertainty that would permit them to invade us and take us over.

The same thing seems to happen on a personal level. In order to ‘receive help from above’, I have to die to natural possibilities. Without some form of natural death, there can be no supernatural salvation. Saying this in other words, interaction between here and there only occurs when emotion becomes hyper-emotion. That is because hyper-feelings arise from life and death situations—be they physical, mental, or spiritual. This may also explain why so many alien encounters seem to have sexual overtones. Without some form of hyper-emotion, there can be no encounter.

Alien ‘Space-Time’

I have suggested that aliens would have the ability to move back and forth through human time. According to this concept, moving ‘sideways’ for them would mean traveling between various possible futures and pasts. This leads us back to the idea of multiple universes. But, this is still a human perspective; we are assuming that one of the alien dimensions is human time and that mirror-image aliens have the ability to move back and forth through human time. Instead, the four dimensions of alien ‘space/time’ are quite possibly totally independent of both human space and human time, and instead touch human space/time at seemingly random points. 

The best human example of alien ‘space’ is probably the Internet. In physical space, a nearby location is defined as one that you can reach with a minimum of Server effort. Of course, this can be modified by putting up walls that stop you from getting between here and there, but the basic principle remains. On the Internet, it is the hyperlink that defines ‘distance’. If you can click on one page to get to another page, then these two pages are ‘close together’. If you have to click on many links to get from one page to another, then those two pages are ‘far apart’. Internet distance is totally unrelated to physical distance. When you select a link, the computer page that is selected may reside on a computer that is literally on the opposite side of the world, or it may connect to a computer that is next door. Most of the time, you don’t know where the physical computer is actually located.

The other strange thing about the Internet is that there is only one Internet. You may fly across the ocean and move to a completely different country, but when you access the Internet, you are still connecting to the same Internet. Nothing on the Internet changes when you move physically from here to there. Similarly, most ‘spiritual experts’ will tell you that you don’t have to be in a specific physical location to contact ‘the other side’. Instead, what matters is having the right ‘mental computer’ and getting ‘plugged in’ to the net.[KKK] 

The Internet gives us an idea of what alien space might be like. But, I suggest that we can go one step further and use mental symmetry to predict what alien space has to be like. Human space is composed of Mercy matter that is connected by Perceiver links. Server actions are then used to get from one Mercy location to another.

The mirror image to this is that alien space is composed of Teacher energy. Server thought gives stability to these Teacher elements, while Perceiver thought is used to move from one Teacher location to another.

This makes sense if we think about the task of trying to explain a theory to another person. The raw material that we use is sound—acoustic energy. Server sequences organize these Teacher sounds into ‘solid’ letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs. When I explain a theory, I have to take a person from the known to the unknown. I have to start from where he is intellectually and take his mind to some new location. Each step in this chain is based in Perceiver comprehension: “Now I see what you are talking about. It makes sense. Let’s keep going. Tell me about the next concept.”

Some explanations are simple, because each step follows logically from the previous one, and you never lose sight of overall Teacher understanding. This sort of Teacher path is like a wide highway with no major hills or sharp curves. Other times, the only way that you can explain a topic adequately is by taking a lot of mental detours in order to avoid mental dead-ends. Here we are dealing with an intellectual landscape that is full of hills and valleys. This book is somewhere in the middle. Even though we have followed a main road while describing mental symmetry, the topography is so unknown that we have had to make numerous side excursions in order to describe some of the surrounding landscape.

Is human time one of the dimensions of this book? Yes and no. If we look at human history we can see that the sequence in this book corresponds roughly to the development of human understanding. And yet, our description of human thought has jumped back and forth through time, sometimes talking about the past, other times the present, and occasionally even moving forward to the possible future. Similarly, while an alien would have the ability to travel through human time, he would not have the ability to choose exactly where in human time he would come out at any given point. Instead, different points in human history would open up as he moved through his alien landscape of understanding.

This limitation is illustrated by the typical movie on time travel. Even though the time traveler supposedly could visit anywhere and ‘anywhen’, the movie usually places him either at some famous event in history, such as in Hawaii just before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, or else at some critical junction in his personal past, such as when his parents first started dating. Thus, even when traveling through time, it appears that some times are ‘closer’ than other times.

A similar principle can be seen in Biblical prophecy. A Biblical passage that talks about the future often describes more than one event, and these various events may be separated by literally thousands of human years. However, in terms of mental and societal growth and decay, these partial fulfillments are all ‘next door’ to each other. Therefore, from the viewpoint of ‘alien space’, they belong together.

Humans cannot go back and change their past. Once we have done a Server action, it cannot be undone; the Mercy results remain. By symmetry, an angel would be unable to ‘unspeak’ a word. Once it has been spoken and understood, then it could not be taken back. This happens to some extent now in public life. Every word that a politician makes in front of others is now recorded, and its Perceiver meaning digested. What has been spoken cannot be unspoken, and idle words said on the spur of the moment often come back to haunt someone years later.

This reminds us of something that Jesus said which we quoted earlier: “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”[LLL]

Alien Gender

Let us turn our attention now to the question of gender. Are there male and female angels? Do angels have sex? Earlier on in this book, we looked at the mental differences between male and female. I suggested that the male mind emphasizes Perceiver and Server thought, while the female mind focuses upon Teacher and Mercy modes. Let us review this, add a few more details along with some more theory, and then return to the topic of alien gender.

The male human is naturally better with Perceiver facts and maps, has greater Server strength and focuses more on Server skills. He prefers to use Server skills to work with Perceiver objects, while finding emotions uncomfortable. He is naturally better at using logic, which adds Perceiver meanings to Server sentences, and planning, which uses Server actions to change Perceiver facts. The female human, in contrast, has greater Mercy sensitivity, and emphasizes living in Mercy experiences. The female is more fluent at Teacher speech, and is more sensitive to Teacher integration. In addition, the female has more wisdom, which combines Teacher understanding with Mercy sensitivity, and tends to express this wisdom as feminine iNtuition, which jumps directly between Mercy and Teacher thought. She prefers to interact verbally with living beings, while finding technical objects confusing.

The discussion that we had about finite Mercy and Teacher emotion allows us to go further. In a word, the female is cuter than the male. On the one hand, there is the Teacher side of cuteness. The female mind together with the female body takes a lot of Teacher content and places it into a small package: There are smooth curves, which bring visual order to the outlines of the human figure. Combined with these visual curves is elegance of movement, which integrates individual Server actions into a Teacher whole. On the other hand, there is the Mercy aspect of cuteness. The female body is smaller than the male body. In addition, the ideal view of female beauty also includes youth and innocence, along with slight clumsiness. In other words, there is a mental rationale behind the ‘dumb blonde’.

Does this mean that women are supposed to be stupid? Not at all. There is a way of combining extreme intelligence with innocence, childlikeness, and spontaneity. It happens when you let go of Contributor control and allow your thinking and actions to be driven by Exhorter excitement.

This is where we get to the new theory. Learning goes through three stages. The first stage is that of the beginner. Here, raw Mercy and Teacher feelings drive Exhorter excitement. The result is crude and unrefined. The beginner combines great freedom with a total lack of skill. Mentally speaking, the dumb blonde operates at this level. She may have a cute body, but within this body lies the mind of a rank beginner. This is raw female thought. As a musician, I know what it is like to endure the performance of the beginner. It is painful. The worst part of it is that the beginner lacks the mental content to be able to evaluate his music and hear how awful it really is. 

The second stage of learning is that of the student. Here, the male excels. The emphasis is upon acquiring Perceiver facts and developing Server skills. This is pure male thought. The student is proficient but he lacks feeling. The typical Korean musician is the ideal student. He practices long hours and performs flawlessly, but there is no life in his music. It is pure technique without emotion.

The third stage of learning produces the professional. The professional has the skills and knowledge of the student, but expresses them with emotional freedom. The professional musician, for instance, goes beyond notes to music. The professional is mentally ‘married’. He lives in his ‘female side’, but his emotional side is guided completely by ‘male content’.

Performing at a professional level requires ‘letting go’. Whenever you express yourself spontaneously, there is always the possibility that you might make a mistake or come across clumsy. This is cuteness—combined with expertise. The male can go beyond the second level of the student and act professional, but the underlying foundation of male strength and power is still present. The female who manages to reach this third level of learning becomes herself; she is the professional. There is a spontaneous confidence to this sort of lady which is very attractive.

This third level of expertise cannot be reached when Mercy feelings define Perceiver facts, because it requires the ‘marriage’ of male and female thought, which can only occur when Perceiver logic coexists with Mercy feelings. As a result, the true professional no longer worries about personal status. He is too busy enjoying himself and taking delight in his craft. This is cute, because it takes the strength and power of the student, and expresses it in diminutive form.

This three step process is another illustration of the ultimate sequence of birth, death, and resurrection. The beginner gives birth to a skill, the student kills his skill, while the professional resurrects it.

Now let us return to the question of alien gender. Notice that our definition of male and female is a symmetrical definition, because Perceiver is the mirror image of Server, and Teacher is the opposite of Mercy. Thus, mental symmetry predicts that humans and aliens would have the same concept of male and female. A female mirror-image alien would also ‘feel’ female to a human, and a human male would also appear male to an angel. UFO accounts are consistent with this. Those who have encounters do sense in some way that some aliens are male while others are female.

If the female is cuter than the male, and if aliens live in names, then what is a ‘cute name’? A mathematician probably has the best feeling for this. There are mathematical methods that are ‘brute force’. They use raw computational power to arrive at the answer. This type of approach is ‘male’. In contrast, there are also mathematical methods that are simple and elegant. This sort of approach is ‘female’. There is something very appealing emotionally about an elegant solution. I would consider the methods of ‘spiritual warfare’ that I have suggested a few pages back—spiritual judo and variable substitution—to be elegant and subtle. They only work when a person has graduated to the third level of spiritual growth—beyond the beginner and the student to the expert.

Alien Sex

That brings us to our next question. If aliens have gender, then do they also have sex? The answer is fairly obvious. Sex requires a physical body. Aliens do not have physical bodies. Therefore, they are incapable of having sex. This also means that angels do not get married. Jesus mentions this in passing: “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.”[MMM] Human marriage is needed to preserve the mental integrity of ‘me’: The human mind learns about Perceiver facts from common sense related to the physical body. Sex is the physical experience with the strongest positive emotions. If I have sex with many people, I am using my physical body to split my personal identity into separate fragments. If I restrict sex to one individual, then I am using facts from my physical body to help integrate my personal identity and to develop both male and female thought. In addition, having a single partner of the opposite gender ensures that both the male and the female sides of my mind develop.

The closest that humans come to the angel version of sex is probably worship. When I worship someone or something, I am becoming ‘intimate’ with the name and character of my object of worship. But, in order to experience what ‘angel sex’ is really like, a human would require the ‘physical body’ of an alien. Imagine worship where one partner shares energy with another partner. Alien ‘sex’ would be something like that. It is interesting to note that whenever humans meet angels in the Bible, the instinctive human response seems to be to fall down and try to worship the angel. In response, the angel immediately tells the human to stop worshipping him and to worship God instead. This suggests that an angel ‘body’ provokes worship and that an angel is vulnerable to feelings of worship, just as humans experience sexual attraction and are vulnerable to such expressions of personal attraction.

Is sex between humans and aliens possible? The Bible strongly suggests that this sort of interaction did occur in early human history. It also indicates that the results were so disastrous that they lead to the judgment of a worldwide flood: “Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the LORD said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.’ The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. The LORD said, ‘I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, from man to animals to creeping things and to birds of the sky; for I am sorry that I have made them… The earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence. God looked on the earth, and behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth.”[NNN]

Let us see if we can work our way through this passage. Notice that male aliens are being attracted to female humans. This indicates that humans and aliens have similar ideas of feminine beauty. Notice also that this type of relationship requires very little mental content from either side. The human female provides the womb and gives birth to the child. This can all be done by her physical body. She does not need any mental preparation. All she has to do is worship the male angel. As for the angel, what does the male provide when there is sex? DNA. Human information. But, angels live within information. Angel means messenger. For a messenger, DNA is just another message. For this type of interaction, no long term relationship is required. A ‘one night stand’ would suffice. This is exactly the sort of ecstasy that the direct path from Teacher to Mercy thought is capable of producing—a single event which requires a minimum of personal transformation from either side.

It is interesting to note that most ancient religious cults had temples with ‘vestal virgins’ who had some sort of ‘sex with the gods’.  It is also curious that many UFO ‘researchers’ suggest that aliens manipulated human DNA at some time in the distant past. As humans, we tend to think of this DNA manipulation as something that would happen in a lab full of high-tech equipment manned by white-coated technicians. For mirror-image aliens, nothing would be further from the truth. Instead, for aliens, manipulating DNA would be a form of ‘sex’.

We can see what the results of this interaction would be by looking at the gene research that is now being done. Today, white-coated human technicians in high-tech labs are beginning to manipulate genetic material. Their prime motivation is not human Mercy feelings of love and affection, but rather alien Teacher feelings of power and profit. On the one hand, they are producing forms of life which have new powers and abilities. On the other hand, many of these new abilities are designed to remove human freedom. For me, the prime example of this is the terminator seed, which is literally designed to die after one generation, forcing the farmer to continue coming back to the genetic seed company every year for his new seed.

According to the Bible, a similar thing happened in the past. On the one hand, humans were born who had mighty powers: “Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.” This suggests that the human/alien hybrid offspring literally had superhuman powers, adding angelic power to human strength. On the other hand, the mental result was total corruption, creating an individual in which “every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

Why would the mental result be so horrible? Because, external superiority was being combined with internal emptiness. Physically speaking, these hybrids were supreme specimens, able both to demand and to enjoy worship from normal humans. Mentally speaking, we now know how difficult it is for Teacher and Mercy thought to get together. If a normal human being tries to kill his conscience, imagine how a superhuman being would respond. He would abhor any sort of mental content that smacked of God, conscience, guilt, or righteousness.

There is another passage in the Bible which also appears to indicate what happened to the aliens who participated in this relationship: “And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day.”[OOO] What happens when you combine Teacher thought with the Mercy ‘me’ of the childish human? You get philosophy, a general Teacher theory that is warped to fit the neuroses of Mercy identity. For a human, having a warped Teacher understanding is mainly a mental problem. For an alien being that lives in Teacher thought, this would be a ‘physical’ disaster. Just as natural cause and effect brings sanity and common sense to human Mercy thought, so alien ‘reality’ would bring sanity to Teacher thought in the alien mind. The alien who had sex with a childishly minded human would find himself locked in Teacher insanity, unable to reconnect with his ‘natural world’ of Teacher energy. In Biblical language, he would be ‘kept in eternal bonds under darkness’. For a human, this would be like being psychotic, locked in delusion, unable to reconnect with physical reality. Having lived at home with a schizophrenic brother for almost a decade, I have some inkling of what that this means. Unpleasant does not even begin to describe it.

God reacts to all of this in the strongest way possible. He literally feels sorry that he has created humans. Wow! It is one thing for some other human to tell you that you were a mistake and should never have been born. But, imagine an Infinite God making this sort of statement. Why? If God lives in universality, then we can understand this response. On the human side, human individuals were totally rejecting conscience: “every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” As we know, the human mind that lacks conscience is incapable of building internal Teacher understanding. In addition, “the earth was filled with violence.” The end result was total corruption: “all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth.”

This total chaos was now spreading to the alien realm, because angels were becoming emotionally snared by sex with humans and then losing their ability to live within general Teacher order. God, the Universal Being, was facing the worst possible scenario. The finite creatures which he had created to add details to his universal structure were using their free will to destroy all universality.

This godlessness is specifically mentioned by one of the few individuals from that time who went against the trend: “It was also about these men that Enoch, in the seventh generation from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the Lord came with many thousands of His holy ones, to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the ungodly of all their ungodly deeds which they have done in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.’”[PPP] The term ‘ungodly’ appears four times in this short passage. Instead of using Teacher words to learn about Teacher generality, people were literally attacking God with their speech. And, they were backing up this ungodly Teacher speech with ungodly Server actions.

Notice how Enoch responds. He was surrounded by people who spoke and acted in ways that opposed God. He predicts that they will eventually be judged by a group of people who are holy—set apart to God. Just as his present ‘alien invasion’ has created divine chaos, so he predicts that divine order will be restored by a future ‘alien invasion’.

When talking about Enoch, the Bible says something very strange: “Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah…Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.”[QQQ] In other words, Enoch practiced what he preached. For three hundred long years, he kept his Server actions consistent with universal Teacher understanding. Eventually, he left the chaos of earth and crossed over to the other side. 

But why was this angelic invasion such a crisis for God? We can understand by looking back at the path of incarnation which we described in the second section of this book. How did God recover after the fall of Adam and Eve? What did he do to repair the chaos induced by the childish human minds rooted in Mercy idolatry? He rebuilt everything, starting from a basis in universal Teacher understanding. But, if Teacher understanding became corrupt, then there would be no beachhead left from which God could bring restoration. Therefore, in order to keep part of creation pure, God had to cut out the cancer.

But, when a Universal Being does something, it is always universal. Therefore, when an Infinite God cuts out a cancer, He makes a universal cut. In order to make this incision, God finds a human individual who will provide him with the needed Server stability: “Then God said to Noah, ‘The end of all flesh has come before Me…Make for yourself an ark…Behold, I, even I am bringing the flood of water upon the earth, to destroy all flesh in which is the breath of life, from under heaven; everything that is on the earth shall perish.”[RRR]

The Flood of Noah

How does God respond to the universal human insanity? With a universal flood. Notice how this restores universality for God. The earth had become filled with godless chaos. God brought a universal end to this chaos with a universal act of divine destruction—wiping away the disorder. And, this divine act of destruction was an external picture of what had happened within the minds of human individuals. During their rebellion, any solid internal Perceiver facts which they had possessed had become washed away by a flood of unstructured emotional Mercy experiences. Therefore, during the punishment, any solid external Perceiver objects which they possessed also became washed away by a flood of physical liquid.

After the flood is over, and Noah and his family emerge from the ark and make an offering to God, God responds by promising that there will always be natural structure: “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease.”[SSS] In other words, God will now use the order of physical nature to force humanity to act in ways that demonstrate Teacher order.

This is such a significant principle that it bears repeating: When describing Jesus’ plan of salvation, we saw how Jesus turned individual human sin and chaos into a universal Teacher plan of birth, death and resurrection. Instead of seeing human sins as a violation of universal Teacher order, God could now view them through Jesus as specific examples of the general Teacher theory of birth, death and resurrection.

Exactly the same sort of thing is happening here. The Flood of Noah takes each personal example of individuals using their experiences to overturn truth and rebel against Teacher order, and wraps them up into a general package of the entire earth going through a flood of experiences that overturns all truth and removes all Teacher order. In other words, the punishment matches the crime. The crime consists of millions of personal floods of mental destruction. The punishment is a single universal personal flood of physical destruction. By restoring order to the complexity, the Infinite God preserves his sanity.

This is both comforting and terrifying. On the one hand it tells us that the Infinite God is a God of Order who does not capriciously overturn rules on a whim.[TTT] On the other hand, it tells us that when order-within-complexity threatens to turn into chaos, then God will do whatever is necessary to restore Teacher order—even if that means destroying the entire world.

After the flood is over, God promises Noah that he will never use this method again: “I establish My covenant with you; and all flesh shall never again be cut off by the water of the flood, neither shall there again be a flood to destroy the earth…This is the sign of the covenant which I am making between Me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all successive generations; I set My bow in the cloud, and it shall come about, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow will be seen in the cloud, and I will remember My covenant.”[UUU] 

Huh? Man’s continued existence on earth depends upon a rainbow? What does that mean? As usual, we have to remember that God is using external symbols to represent internal content. Humans live on earth, a landscape of individual Mercy experiences held together by solid Perceiver facts. The sun is a picture of universal Teacher understanding; its light shines on all of the earth. A cloud is a shape formed by water in the air. Pre-flood humans had filled the ‘air’ of Teacher thought with the ‘water’ of raw Mercy experiences. God had responded by imposing this water into a universal ‘shape’. The next time that God ‘brings a cloud over the earth’, He will see a rainbow—a general Teacher curve of Teacher light that has been separated into seven different colors.

It is this idea of different colors of light which seems to be the key. Throughout history, human progress has always been divinely induced by playing one form of Teacher light against another. When one general Teacher structure comes alongside another, then there is progress.

This may seem like an unusual interpretation, but we find it put into practice only two chapters later during the building of the Tower of Babel. The survivors of the flood get together and say, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.”[VVV]

Why would they ‘build a city’? Because, they want to create a universal Teacher structure that will hold them together. They don’t want to experience the Teacher chaos of being ‘scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.’ They are specifically trying to ‘make for themselves a name’, creating a Teacher label for themselves that will allow them to ‘reach into heaven’ and begin to interact with the alien realm of Teacher names.

God responds by splitting the white light of Teacher words into the colors of the rainbow. Up until then, “the whole earth used the same language and the same words.” They all had the same ‘Teacher light’. God says, “‘Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.’ So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of the whole earth; and they stopped building the city.”[WWW] From then on, history is a tale of one culture and tongue competing and warring against another. When one color of human light fades, then God turns to another mental color, using these structures to impose universal Teacher order upon mankind.

In addition, God shortens the lifespan of humans, ensuring that human society remains malleable by having leadership pass on from one generation to the next without being dominated by a few individuals: “Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall by one hundred and twenty years.”[XXX]

Finite and Infinite

Let us move on to another aspect of the flood of Noah. Whenever a universal event becomes associated with the actions of a single human individual, then symbology becomes very important. This is because finite and infinite are joining hands. We saw this in the death and resurrection of Jesus the Incarnation. He attempted to gain an audience with his preaching but in the end even his disciples forsook him. All of his life, he had only carried out Server actions that were an expression of the Infinite Teacher God, but when he died on the cross, only he was following this path.

I suggest that it is precisely this combination that allows God to experience ‘personal transformation’. A human goes through personal transformation when his personal Mercy identity falls apart and his mind is held together only by his general Teacher understanding. An image of God, in contrast, experiences ‘personal transformation’ when universal Teacher understanding is encapsulated within the finite Mercy container of a single human being.

The universal aspect of Noah’s task is rather obvious: He is told, “of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female. Of the birds after their kind, and of the animals after their kind, of every creeping thing of the ground after its kind, two of every kind will come to you to keep them alive.”[YYY]

What is the general principle behind these specific instructions? What is being represented here? First, we see three categories of animals specifically mentioned: birds, animals, and creeping things. A bird flies through the air, which is a picture of Teacher thought. Thus, birds represent various abstract Teacher theories. ‘Creeping things’ are also mentioned. I have suggested earlier that the ‘worm’ is a symbol of philosophy and Buddhism with their direct connections between Mercy and Teacher thought. Finally, there are the animals, which would represent various methods of ‘living off a land’ that contains solid Perceiver facts. In modern terms, we would refer to these as abstract research, soft science and hard science.

In each case, there is a male and a female. Obviously, a mating pair is needed in order to repopulate the species. But, I suggest that there is also a symbolic meaning. As we know, the male emphasizes Perceiver and Server thought, whereas the female lives within Teacher and Mercy modes. Thus, in symbolic terms, what is required is both the structure of each discipline and the emotional content that motivates it.

This symbolism is very important, because I too have been attempting to build an intellectual ark and fill it with ‘animals’. I have tried to include ‘birds’ of math and theory, ‘creeping things’ of philosophy and soft science, and ‘animals’ of science and business. With each discipline, I have not attempted to save ‘the entire herd’. As a finite human, it is impossible for me to know everything about every subject. But, I have done my best to gather a pair of each species by learning the representative essence of each subject and ‘placing it within the ark’ of a universal Teacher theory.

In addition, I find at present that most of this universal Teacher understanding resides completely within my own mind. At this point, when it comes to theory, I really am all alone. I mention this not to look good or provoke feelings of pity. Rather, my prayer is that the Infinite God will use this combination as an opportunity to experience some aspect of ‘personal transformation’.

Every new general theory needs to make a prediction that will prove the theory to be either right or wrong. This is my prediction: If the theory of mental symmetry really is as powerful and universal as it appears to be, then it predicts that something will change fundamentally in the way that God deals with humanity.

The story of Noah relates that it was God who finally closed the door of the ark and started the flood. Until then, Noah was probably ridiculed by his neighbors as a weird man with strange ideas who was wasting his life pursuing some futile goal. Jesus mentions that “in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away.”[ZZZ] What encourages me is that Noah was a normal human being like you and me. He wasn’t the finite Incarnation of an Infinite God like Jesus. Therefore, by faith, I compare my intellectual ark to Noah’s physical ark and suggest that ‘this is like that’—that there is a Perceiver similarity between the two.

So what exactly changed as a result of Noah’s flood? Was there any universal shift? As far as I can tell, this is when earth became quarantined from the rest of God’s creation. Whether this quarantine was applied to the physical universe, our solar system, or just to planet earth, I do not know. However, the extensive interaction between humans and angels which was possible before the flood no longer occurred after the flood. Natural and supernatural may have continued to touch each other, but they did not live alongside one other. Vestal virgins in pagan temples may have attempted to have ‘sex with the gods’, but never again did a superhuman race come into being.[AAAA]

In more general terms, I suggest that this is when the split between the Holy Spirit and the ‘spirit of this world’ first appeared. For a time after this, the Holy Spirit remained entirely within the realm of the unseen, with the ‘spirit of this world’ ruling completely over human earth. The Bible tells us that humans were occasionally influenced by the Holy Spirit, but that this was rare and unusual. Jesus’ death and resurrection made it possible for Christians in general to receive the Holy Spirit, creating an open conflict between these two spirits—along with the alien beings who served them.

But why would God quarantine earth and place over it a ‘spirit of this world’? The quarantine was designed to protect Teacher-based angels from the cancer of childish Mercy thought, while the ‘spirit of this world’ was designed to teach Teacher principles of natural law to humans. While today’s natural science may follow only the ‘spirit of this world’, it does use Perceiver facts to build general Teacher understanding, and that did not exist before the flood. The typical scientist may blaspheme the God of religion, but he worships and serves the God of universal understanding.

We have seen the cosmic disaster that arose when male angels had sex with female humans. Does this mean that the child is always evil when a human girl is supernaturally made pregnant? No. If that were true, then Jesus himself would be evil, for the Bible says that Mary the mother of Jesus was a virgin who became pregnant when “the Holy Spirit came upon her, and the power of the Most High overshadowed her.” If Jesus was sinless, then this means that it is not the relationship itself which is the ultimate problem.

Similarly, is a super-human hybrid child doomed to destruction? No. Jesus was both human and angel. He was continually talking to spirits and reading peoples’ minds. Normal humans don’t do that. Thus, in addition to being incarnate God, we have to conclude that he was also a hybrid human-alien individual. In addition, the fifteenth chapter of I Corinthians says that humans will ultimately be rewarded with different kinds of hybrid resurrection bodies.

The real problem lies in the lack of internal content. If you give supernatural physical abilities to a childish mind, then that mind will be corrupted. As the saying goes, ‘power corrupts’. Sin is primarily a shortcut. The childish mind uses a fully developed body to take shortcuts to pleasure. If a natural human body tempts the human child to take shortcuts, imagine the shortcuts that such a mind would take if given supernatural powers as well.

In contrast, if a childish mind achieves mental wholeness by going completely through the process of birth, death and resurrection, then a human-hybrid super-body becomes an external expression of internal wholeness. The mind that is whole is incapable of taking shortcuts, because it finds them repugnant, stupid, inelegant, and temporary. Such a mind could be trusted with a body that combines human and angelic attributes.

The Coming Fire

The flood of Noah was a physical response that matched the mental and spiritual crime of that society: The ‘flood’ of Mercy rebellion that attacked the universal Teacher structure of God was ended by a flood of Mercy liquid that destroyed the universal Teacher structure of mankind. In a similar way, it appears that modern creation is setting itself up for a mirror-image judgment by committing the mirror-image crime.

Let us look first at the crime. The Bible tells us that during the time of Noah, male aliens found human females attractive and crossed from ‘there’ to ‘here’. This incursion had to be stopped by God because it threatened to corrupt the alien realm of that time. God had to keep the alien world ‘pure’ because it was his starting point for the salvation plan of incarnation.

The precise opposite is happening today. Humans are being attracted to the alien way of functioning. And, this growing ‘alienness’ of human society is threatening to remove all humanness from the earth. As this book has attempted to outline, everywhere we look, we see Teacher generality attacking and destroying Mercy individuality: Governments impose millions of regulations upon their citizens, replacing personal freedom with bureaucracy; multinational corporations continually put family firms out of business; closed-shops unions force employees to organize into faceless mobs; the entertainment industry replaces home-grown enjoyment with pre-packaged, pre-programmed, mass fun. Meanwhile, cities with their general Teacher structures get bigger and more professional while the personal Mercy feelings of the small town slowly shrink into oblivion. Step by step, humans are becoming inhuman. In most societies today, personal Mercy sensitivity is seen as a handicap that prevents a person from ‘getting ahead’ or ‘being successful’.

In the same way that the world before Noah attacked the Teacher generality of God at every opportunity, so we today are blaspheming the Mercy love of the Holy Spirit in every way that we know how. True love, with its emotional bonds of mutual care and personal respect, is rare, having been replaced by attitudes such as worship, arrogance, duty, professionalism, control, self-denial, and greed.

And, just as male aliens were the motivating force in Noah’s day, so today’s lust after alien thought seems to be driven by male human thought: There is nothing ‘cute’ about human ‘alienness’. Instead, it is based in power, structure, weaponry, noise, skyscrapers, bureaucracy, and brute force. It crushes the opposition, and exploits resources. That describes pure male thought, with its emphasis upon Perceiver power and Server strength.

These human monstrosities are using their Teacher generality to overwhelm everything that used to be either solid or fundamental in the human world. We are almost at the point today where nothing remains on earth except raw inhuman bigness.

But, earth is the bridgehead for God’s plan of salvation. It was on earth that Jesus died and was resurrected. God’s salvation began with humanity and will extend to the rest of creation. Personal salvation, though, is the antithesis of human inhumanity. Personal salvation uses Teacher understanding to forgive Mercy sins and to rebuild Mercy sensitivity, love, and community. In contrast, we humans are embracing an alien inhumanity that brutalizes Mercy thought, demeans love, and destroys community.

If God does not do something to stop this human drive for alien thought, his plan of salvation will die stillborn. The cancer must be halted. Humans must stop lusting after aliens and start living like humans.

If our modern human crime is the mirror image of the ancient angel crime, then it also makes sense that the punishment will also be the mirror image. After all, the Infinite God seems to love symmetry; symmetrical crimes receive symmetrical punishments. Let us say this more precisely. The human crime is to use Teacher-based alien thought to ‘burn up’ everything that is solid and fundamental in the human world. Therefore, the Divine Punishment will wrap up this sin by using a blast of Teacher-based inhumanity to ‘burn up’ everything that is solid and fundamental in the human world. Mentally speaking, fire and flood are mirror images. Fire is a picture of destruction by raw Teacher energy, while flood destroys through the flow of raw Mercy experiences. The previous judgment was a judgment of flood. The coming judgment will be one of fire.

This is exactly what the Bible predicts in the book of II Peter. First, it describes the erroneous human mindset: “Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.’ For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water.”[BBBB]

In Conclusion

I know that a lot more could be said about aliens, and most of it would probably be wrong. Who knows? Maybe everything that I have written about alien life is mistaken. However, I don’t think so. That is because it fits together, it is consistent with what others are saying, and it lines up with the Bible.

[A] In fact, I suggest that it really is in some ways like quantum mechanics.

[B] In addition, each of these strategies is also associated with a region in the frontal lobes.

[C] But what does physical space have to do with moving on mentally? A lot. If I move to a different physical environment, it will bring to mind different memories.

[D] Romans 10:6-9 NASB.

[E] There is a quantum side to this. According to quantum mechanics, you can tell how either where something is or how fast it is going. An infant mind is quantum-ly ambiguous. The more it decides ‘where it is’ by living in a physical body, the more human it becomes. In contrast, continuing to decide ‘how fast it is going’ by living in a name would turn it into an alien mind.

[F] I know that this is an unusual theological concept, but bear with me. I think that it makes sense.

[G] Revelation 21:1 NASB.

[H] The Greek word is angelos, which we transliterate as angel.

[I] Remember that the ultimate goal is to gain sufficient Perceiver confidence to be able to hold on to facts in the presence of Mercy emotions.

[J] Colossians 1:13-14 NASB.

[K] Philippians 2:9-11 NASB.

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[T] Notice also the quantum connection. A human who become righteous has mentally acquired the ability to live within alien ‘waves’, because he has consistently made the quantum choice of choosing ‘how fast he is going’ even when faced with uncertainty about ‘where he is’. Law and conscience are Perceiver concepts that relate to ‘where I am’. Righteousness, in contrast, uses Server actions to decide ‘how fast I am going’.

[U] Are all bureaucrats inhuman? No. But most of them are, and bureaucracy by its very nature breeds inhumanity, as does living and working within any large social structure.

[V] 1 John 1:5-7 NASB.

[W] In terms of brain structure, this may mean building structure within the frontal lobes and then making it autonomous.

[X] Matthew 12:43-45 NASB.

[Y] Matthew 12:36-37 NASB.

[Z] These days, it seems as if most large corporations have also become inhuman. For instance, genetically modifying seeds so that they will not reproduce and then selling these seeds at inflated prices to third world farmers in order to force them to come back year after year may be highly professional, but it is definitely immoral, especially when these same farmers start committing mass suicide because they cannot extricate themselves from the debt into which they have been lured. 

[AA] You can erase tattoos, but the process is difficult, painful, and seldom complete.

[BB] If you want an example, look at Todd Bentley, whom I am ashamed to admit began his ‘ministry’ in my home town of Abbotsford, Canada. He may have spiritual power, but there is nothing gentle, gracious, or holy about this spirit. According to his story, he acquired all of his tattoos after he was ‘abducted’ into an alien vessel, put upon an operating table, and spiritually implanted with ‘instant internal content’. As we know by now, that is a contradiction in terms. If you want to survive spiritual power, then you must acquire mental content before receiving this power.

[CC] Why then would a person choose to do this to his body? I suggest that it is the result of hyper-emotion. The person who lives in today’s world is bombarded with inhumanity. Our entire worldview—from science, to culture, to business, to education, to technology—is inhuman. The average person lacks the internal fortitude to stand against this ‘Beast’. And so, he identifies with the Beast nonverbally while maintaining verbally that he is still a human being. This self-deception allows him to avoid the hyper-pain of mental fragmentation in a way that still permits him to have positive feelings.

[DD] But isn’t military training a good way of building personal character? It can be, if it is a professional army, and if there is no real war going on. But, whenever there is real fighting, then the inevitable atrocities that accompany mass killing do dreadful damage to Mercy emotions. Thus, the military has the most beneficial societal effects when it is frustrated by peace from carrying out its primary role. Even then, military structure is still fundamentally undemocratic. In terms of mental symmetry, it uses emotional pressure to force soldiers to base their Server actions upon the verbal orders of superior officers, thus strengthening both the MBTI® Thinking/Feeling split as well as the division between Sensing and iNtuition.

[EE] The Biblical book of Daniel describes exactly this sort of spirit ‘possession’, referring to supernatural beings such as the ‘spirit prince of Persia’ and the ‘spirit prince of Greece’.

[FF] For aliens, internal and external may blend. However, this distinction is very important for humans. If humans want to survive contact with aliens, then they must first acquire mental content before gaining spiritual power. But, what if the mental content is the principle that there is no mental content? Then it becomes very confusing.

[GG] I say ‘so-called music’ because rap lacks rhythm, harmony, melody, form, dynamic, tempo, tone and pitch. All it has is ‘speaking in tongues’, Teacher repetition—achieved by looping some fragment of a song, Teacher beat and Mercy attitude.

[HH] Acts 2: 4-8 NASB.

[II] 1 Corinthians 14:27-28.

[JJ] 1 Corinthians 14: 7-10 NASB.

[KK] 1 John 4: 1-2 NASB.

[LL] Because cuteness involves both Teacher and Mercy feelings, humans and aliens would have similar feelings of cuteness. Thus, if a human felt that some person, animal or object was cute, then so would an alien.

[MM] Ironically, Iceland just did try to act mighty and powerful in the area of banking, and it did turn out to be a very big, very expensive, joke.

[NN] John 18:4-6 NASB.

[OO] Daniel 10:8-9 NASB.

[PP] Ezekiel 28:12-13,14,17 NASB.

[QQ] Satan’s fundamental flaw is a split between Sensing and iNtuition. This prevents him from building lasting Teacher order. That is the flaw which we are examining here. But, it also means that his intellectual structures will violate Perceiver truth. That is the problem which we described in the previous paragraphs. Satan’s lack of Perceiver truth is a blatant problem which is immediately obvious—especially to humans. In contrast, the demise of Satanic Teacher order would take much longer, just as human physical structures that were birthed out of Mercy idolatry eventually collapse, but not right away.

[RR]  the energy field collapses and dissipates?

[SS] Acts 19:13-16 NASB.

[TT] Jude 8-10. NASB.

[UU] For example, read about the Toronto Blessing.

[VV] James 4:6-7 NASB.

[WW] Luke 22:21-22 NASB.

[XX] Romans 8:28 NASB.

[YY] Acts 8:39-40 NASB.

[ZZ] Similarly, those who have spiritual awareness seem to be able to ‘view’ the overall internal character of a human ‘at a single glance’. 

[AAA] If you look at older computer games, you can see what it looks like when human movement is guided by Teacher rules of math which do not take into account Mercy factors such as gravity. The walking of the characters on the screen does not appear natural. Instead, it looks as if they are just going through the motions of walking and are not actually present within the scene.

[BBB] aliene?

[CCC] John 5:19 NASB.

[DDD] In the same way, Christianity talks about universal truth, but is unable to reconcile the inherent contradiction between revealed truth and universal truth. 

[EEE] Galatians 3:28-29 NASB.

[FFF] I am reminded of a strange quote from the UFO literature. One alien supposedly said, “Don’t the humans realize that when they are praying to their God they are praying to us?”

[GGG] What does disease have to do with integrating Sensing and iNtuition? Directly, nothing. Indirectly, technology allows you to travel further, which exposes you to more diseases, which builds up your immunity.

[HHH] Actually, we don’t. Our eyes visually scan the environment, building up a mental picture of what is where and this mental picture is grasped all at once. This is another example of how our mind filters our view of reality.

[III] This describes the functioning of a tube-based television screen. LCD panels operate differently.

[JJJ] In particular, I am bothered by the question of now. What is the present, and what makes it different than the past and the future? In addition, what is the relationship between the human present and the alien present? Despite this incompleteness, I think that my conclusions are both valid and significant and so I include them in this book.  

[KKK] The Internet was designed this way, but many corporations and governments are doing their best to change this. They want make sure that when you reside within their physical jurisdiction, then you can only access their version of the Internet. If humans are this insistent upon trying to impose their human biases upon the artificial ‘space’ of the Internet, imagine how they would respond to real aliens and contact with real alien ‘space’. 

[LLL] Matthew 12:36-37 NASB.

[MMM] Matthew 22:30 NASB.

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[OOO] Jude 6. NASB. The parallel passage in II Peter 2:4-5 specifically connects this with flood of Noah.

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[QQQ] Genesis 6:22, 24 NASB.

[RRR] Genesis 6:13-14, 17 NASB.

[SSS] Genesis 8:22 NASB.

[TTT] In other words, God acts in ways that are consistent with the method of science.

[UUU] Genesis 9:11-14 NASB.

[VVV] Genesis 11:3-4 NASB.

[WWW] Genesis 11:1, 7-8 NASB. Notice how God even refers to himself as ‘Us’ in this passage, reinforcing the idea of Teacher diversity.

[XXX] Genesis 6:3 NASB.

[YYY] Genesis 6:19-20 NASB. By the way, archaeology tells us that pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, wheat, oats, barley and rye were all first domesticated in Eastern Turkey, the traditional landing site for Noah’s ark. This clearly indicates that history started again in this location. I say ‘again’ because when so many of the major domesticated plants and animals emerge in a single location, this shows that people are not just experimenting but already know what they are doing.

[ZZZ] Matthew 24:38-39 NASB.

[AAAA] The Old Testament does refer to the occasional giant, such as Goliath whom David killed with his sling.

[BBBB] II Peter 3:3-5 NASB.