1 & 2 Thessalonians

Paul’s two letters to the Thessalonians talk extensively about the second coming of Christ.  The book of Revelation describes two main aspects to this second coming:  A rational understanding of God is unveiled in Revelation 10 and 11 leading to a theoretical return of Christ at the end of Revelation 11. This rational understanding is then extended to all aspects of society, leading finally to a concrete return of Christ in Revelation 19.

Matthew 24 describes the dismantling of the ‘temple stones’ of  religious truth that prepares the way for the theoretical return of Revelation 11.

1 Thessalonians is written to a group of individuals who are attempting to follow a rational concept of God before the events of Matthew 24, while 2 Thessalonians  is written to a group right after the events of Matthew 24, in which the challenge is to apply the rational understanding that has just been unveiled.  I have added a 30 page discussion of 1 & 2  Thessalonians  to the end of the essay on Matthew 24.

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