The Wikipedia page for Christian theology is extensive, while the page for Jewish theology redirects to Jewish philosophy. Kabbalah has the reputation of being something mysterious, and its history is shrouded in mystery, but it is actually the Jewish substitute for theology. It begins with the assumption that monotheism means worshiping a God of mysticism. It then uses the interaction between mysticism and rational thought as a starting point for constructing a general theory, and this theory of mysticism is then interpreted as a cognitive model.

Tree_of_LifeKabbalah describes the interaction between mysticism and rational thought quite well, and the cognitive interpretation also contain some insights. However, the mystical side of the theory does not fit with the cognitive side. And despite being a Jewish philosophy, Kabbalah contains surprisingly little content from the Torah. That is why I refer to it as a substitute for theology.

I have posted an 84 page essay that analyzes the fundamental concepts of Kabbalah from a cognitive perspective.

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  1. Onasander says:

    Your brother’s theory is almost wholly derived from it. I was able to learn Kabbalah in under five minutes from it, networks largely the same. I stated this years ago. Was very frustrating to discover.

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