Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity claims to be the original, pure,  unaltered version of Christianity, and it places a great emphasis upon preserving Church tradition. Many people are turning to Orthodox Christianity because of its historical claim as well as its rich liturgical tradition.

248px-Spas_vsederzhitel_sinayI have taken a 65 page look at Orthodox Christianity, using information taken from a number of Orthodox Christian websites. My general thesis is that Christian doctrine makes sense from a cognitive perspective; if one uses mental symmetry to work out the steps that must be followed to reach mental wholeness, then these steps correspond  to Christian doctrine. In contrast, if one examines the Orthodox mindset from a cognitive perspective, it matches the level of thinking that was typical of the Roman era, and many of the Orthodox Christian beliefs would actually be regarded by other branches of Christianity as heretical.

Thus, if one examines Orthodox Christianity and Christian content from a cognitive perspective, the only plausible scenario appears to be that a book about programming the mind that was massively ahead of its time was revealed to a group of people. Because these people understood very little of the content of the book, they responded primarily by worshiping its author, and because this worship has been preserved with such fidelity over the centuries, these people now claim to be the pure and original version of Christianity.

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