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I have added four sections to the page on Psychology. There is a discussion of Heidegger and his description of Server thought along with an analysis of Hegel and his method of dialectic. I have also added a page on … Continue reading

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A Real Forum

I’ve just added a real forum. What we have so far is more like a blog than a forum. I have put in the basic groups and forum topics but I don’t know yet how the two user groups integrate … Continue reading

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Mental Symmetry: The case for equating beauty with truth

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My hypothesis is that the diagram of mental symmetry is completely compatible with the doctrines of Christianity, not just at a general level, but at a fundamental quoting the original Greek text level. Please avoid using paraphrases when quoting the … Continue reading

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I’ve learned a lot from psychology, but I have found that it is often better at describing a syndrome than it is at curing one.

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I have been reading through the work of Immanuel Kant lately, and I have found a lot in common with the theory of mental symmetry.

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Mental symmetry helps you to understand your parents and your siblings, plus it predicts who you will marry and the type of problems and potentials that each combination presents.

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As far as I know, mental symmetry is the only system of cognitive styles that maps onto the brain.

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My theory is that we are all the same inside, but that we occupy different ‘bodies’. However, if humans meet aliens externally without having sufficient internal content, then the result is terror and mental chaos.

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Forum Rules

Welcome to the discussion forum for the theory of mental symmetry. Here are the general rules for this forum: 1) Be civil and keep the language clean. If you have questions, please post them. If you don’t like the theory … Continue reading

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